Jun 132014

I have an update today that has nothing to do with volunteering. This is so unfair of me, I know– I’ve been volunteering for two weeks now and I have posted nothing about my placement. But I need to share this with someone: I am sitting in an Italian cafe right now in the capital city of Romblon Province (Romblon City) eating Nutella pie and drinking a cappuccino. The significance of this is huge, given that I’ve eaten nothing in the past two weeks that even remotely resembles Nutella or espresso. What’s more, I spoke to the cafe owner and she just invited me to attend her son’s beauty pageant this evening. She’s trying to set me up with him, I think. Regardless, I said yes! I am told that beauty pageants are very popular here in the Philippines, along with cock-fighting, and male on male dancing.


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