Jun 292014

June 28th and I have arrived from my day and a half trip from Portland, Maine to Manila. The sights & smells & sounds of manila are intoxicating! Thank goodness I did not have to drive–and will never drive–in Manila. Cars and buses and jeepneys and tricycles and pedestrians all jockey for positions in a moving traffic puzzle that weaves through palm tree lined streets. My taxi driver gave me a mini-tour–he was quite pleased to do so, and was exceedingly proud of his homeland. We passed the American Cemetery–thousands of white crosses lined perfectly among sweeping acres of closely cropped green grasses. “Obama spoke there.” The taxi driver beamed.  I leaned forward in my seat and twisted my head from side to side to catch all the sights–we drove over a bridge and there awaited what I recognized as The Philippine Landscape: tree-topped mountains, azure  ocean, colorful roofs, palm-trees. I had arrived!


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