Heading home

 Posted by Anna Eldred at 2:03 am  Philippines
Jan 142014

We are checked in waiting to board for our flight home. Only 24 hours travel – but looking forward to getting back.

We got the overnight bus back to Manila OK – as before the worst part was the air conditioning was on full cold! We arrived at 4am and went round to a hotel in the old walled part of Manilla (Intramuros). The good news was that they recognised my reservation made over the internet- even though I had had no acknowledgement myself – but the room was not available until 2pm so we wandered off around the walled town – as it is so warm it was amazing how many people were about at that time in the morning, especially the early morning joggers. We even found breakfast (OK- it was a McDonalds but I got rice not a bun!) – and then saw the dawn break in a large park near the old town. We found a nice secluded Japanese Garden and had a snooze for an hour or so before going to the Museum of the Philippine People (well presented in a magnificent old building).

Back for an afternoon nap (I’ve rather got used to that -it will be a hard habit to break) then a meal outside on the terrace with a solo singer all to ourselves (and two carafes of frozen margarita – well it had been her birthday).

Next day we conquered the overland Mass Transit System -pretty crowded initially but navigation was helped by there only being 3 lines which all run head-to-tail. We visited the built-up financial area- another world of big buildings and large Malls. I think Amy would have been very happy there. Back for a bit of a touristy Ocean World, a bit commercial but the sea-lions put on a good show. Then we called in at the Manila Hotel  for a signature cocktail. We felt a bit under-dressed but they did not blink an eye and we were served very courteously. Dinner with a 4 piece band in the evening.

Last day today we found the other end of Manila shopping life – the local markets. These were full of small stalls with people milling about and lots of colour and noise. Much better experience than the Malls. We got a tricycle to one Mall and it turned out to have recently been burnt down – but the surrounding area was still a thriving market with a veritable warren of hidden shops.

Collected our rucksacks and got a taxi to the airport – so now it’s over. Many wonderful memories which I am looking forward to boring you silly with in the near future.

Cheers. Andrew and Anna.


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