Thursday 11/6/14

Had so much fun today in spanish class just talking to Julio and answering his questions.  He subbed for Nadher today cuz Nadher called off sick.  The orphanage was an adventure, as always.  And we took loads of vegetables to them from the San Jeronimo mercado.  So many vegetables and ourselves in a tiny little taxi that when the driver tried to go down a steep hill from the street above the orphanage (because he trying to avoid the road construction), the little car got high-centered and would not budge til Loretta and I got out.  Hmmmm, don’t know what that says about us, or maybe just about the dinky beat up little taxi car.  Or maybe about the loads of veggies, huh?  😉

Oh, today on the bus to San Jeronimo, there were two young girls who told me who the artist of a salsa song on the radio was when I asked.  And then, when I told them that I teach Zumba in the States, they wrote down the name of the song for me and the artist, and genre, and gave it to me to bring back. They were so sweet, and I was so tickled to be speaking Spanish and to be understood consistently without someone shaking their head at me!  Fun!
I was a bit late for dinner after the briefing about our trip, because one of the guys on the tour is the type to ask dozens of questions, mostly about the information that we already had written down for us.  But, ok.  I also stopped and got some more minutes for the phone.  If I am gonna be cut off from email, I am definitely gonna have the phone and not feel quite so isolated from my peeps!
And then, for the first time, I saw an artisan stand open tonight that I hadn’t seen before.  Actually several artisan stands in one place to the side of the smaller of the two cathedrals on the plaza.  And there were really pretty earrings and a bracelet there.  I really didn’t plan on spending any time there, and then….  One thing led to another, and now I have some really pretty silver and abalone earrings and a bracelet from Cusco. :-).  Yeah, that was too easy!  I’m going to do my Christmas shopping here too, I hope!
So, preps for the trip.  I picked up some laundry tonight and started figuring out what I need to take on the trek.  Probably my layers of jammies will be just about the most important things to bring with me for warmth in the home stay.  And I am really tickled at the prospect of staying in a hotel for a night, with hopefully good lighting, and warm running water, and WiFi that works?  Maybe that would be asking a bit much. ???   And it’s warmer at Machu Picchu than here because it is so much lower in elevation, so that will be nice too.  Although warmer does mean more mosquitos.  I am looking so forward to this trip!  It will be like having a vacation within my vacation! I need to make sure that I charge all camera batteries, as well as the USB cable universal charger, for the trip, and get a hat, have to bring a hat, or my scalp will be crispie! :-(

  2 Responses to “Thur. 11/6/14. Preps for Machu Picchu Trek. :-)”

  1. One of my all time dreams is to go to Machu Picchu. So happy for you. I so miss you at Zumba, can’t wait till you come back. Tenemos que ir a bailar cuando regreses? Diana

  2. Wow! Just found this Diana! Thanks so much for reading and for commenting. I love getting messages from home! Yes, Machu Piccu has been a dream of mine for a long time too! And it is just as amazing as you can imagine, up there at the top of that mountain with the wisps of clouds all around. It really was magical to be there when it opened in the morning! I had a terrific time! And I am really starting to miss everybody and Zumba too! I’ll be there Monday! Tell everyone I’m coming home! :-). And we’re gonna Zumba all week long and then I am going dancing Friday and Saturday nights, I hope!


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