Thurs. 10/30/14

OMG!  Mi cabeza me duele mucho!  It was not good in spanish class this morning.  I had done my homework but the last two sentences that I was supposed to make to turn verbs into adjectives just didn’t work.  I could not find examples and I could not figure out how to do the sentences.  As it turns out, I just went ahead and wrote one that I knew didn’t make sense, at least not in English. Thought maybe it would pass in espanol….. Nope.  So then we worked on that abstract concept for a while before I even realized it was an abstract concept, (cuz everything I do here is in espanol, and I just don’t always get it), and then he finally said that it is a part of speech that is not used in Spanish or English!  Well, gracias! Thank you very much for finally telling me in English!  Whew!  I just wasn’t getting it, and I didn’t know why!
So then we used the last half hour of my time in class–at least I used the last half hour struggling through a fill-in-the-blanks story of Sinbad and the Cyclopes–with more abstract concepts, and words that I didn’t know the meaning of, and I cannot use a dictionary in there.  Ugh!  And my figuring-out skills seem to be absent for these last couple of days.  Oh my head is full!  Maybe that is a good sign that we are using higher level abstract concept kinds of things, to challenge me, but it is way more difficult due to the cultural differences and things that are missing from my North American life-programming!  I am truly challenged!
Whew!  Glad to be out of class this morning.  I think I will take the long way to the bus stop today, do some walking in the sunshine.
Good thing I did.  It was kinda rough today at the orphanage too:  several kids were very agitated, Yenni sprained her ankle badly last weekend and the swelling just gets worse cuz she won’t stay off of it, and the bruising looks terrible.  Dani was in a violent temper against himself:  he kept banging his head on the stone floor and the stone walls, hard!  Edwin and Mayde became pretty agitated a couple times, and the women who run the place had there heads together discussing serious stuff a lot today.  It was just an atmosphere of agitation and I think sadness, like they may be discussing that one of the kids may not be appropriate for this setting.  Because he is violent to himself and others and he is getting too big to detain for these little tiny Peruvian women.  I can’t do anything either as he drops himself tot the floor and hits and kicks.  I am sure the kids were picking up on the women’s concern too.
It would be extra difficult for the women to move this child to another facility because his mother works at the orphanage, and I don’t know what other facilities close by there are.  Today they told me that most of the kids don’t even exist on paper, because they were abandoned in the streets, and there is no medical record prior to their being taken in.  Because they theoretically are not recognized without any birth or medical records, they are not eligible for health care.  Many of the children are on medications for things like seizures and cardiac or mental conditions, but when the medication runs out, if they don’t have the money, that child just all of a sudden doesn’t get that med for a while until they are able to afford it again.  Ugh!  It would be bad enough to have seizures, but then to have to experience withdrawl from your meds periodically, on top of whatever pathology is going on in the brain, just cannot be good.
So anyways, I did not go to the market and pick up a ton of beautiful fruit today, because I was exhausted and just didn’t feel like hauling it on the bus and up the hill from the office.  Guess I could’ve gotten a cab…. Didn’t think that far.  I’m pooped.  Veggie lasagna was even better the second night!  Muchas gracias to Sra. Pilar!
Ok, iPad has 2 languages, but it still keeps doing English autocorrect for all of my Spanish words!  Ugh!  Done for tonight, I think.
Hey all who are reading this, I cannot access my Verizon email account so I don’t have any of your actual email addresses, unless you have commented at my blogsite, so cannot email you.  Please send me your email addresses if you want an email before I return in November, plus, I just want to hear from you at:  [email protected].  Thanks to all of you readers!  It’s so much fun to get your comments! (Hint, hint!) 😉

  2 Responses to “Th. 10/30/14. Tough day at the office…..”

  1. Hi Stephanie..Como usualmente es muy bueno a leer su experiencia!!!! Primero, de los todos, Cuando te llevas Peru apprendera mas Espanol y hablaras y escribieres mas que sabias en Redlands… Es una Buena cosa!!!!!
    Lo siento que tienes dias difficiles!! Espero que seras mejor!!! descanse y tienes alegre tambien!!!

  2. Muchisimas gracias Beverly! Recibe sus mensajes! Como estan? Esta es mi ultima semana en el orfanato y en clases. Prepare para un viaje (a trek) este Sabado por tres dias a Machu Picchu, y despues, a Lago Titicaca. Y entonces a Los Estados el Domingo el 16 de Noviembre. Ha estado un buen viaje! Abrazos y amor a todos alla! Gracias! Stephanie


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