Mon. 11/3/14.  My last Monday at Maximo and at Hogar

This is the beginning of my last week at the orphanage and in Spanish classes!  I can’t believe it!  It’s gone so quickly!  I’m really looking forward to Machu Picchu this Saturday, especially after my touring day yesterday.  That was so much fun getting a little taste of the ruins and other towns in Peru.
It was all socked in and cloudy this morning when we got up.  My two roommates are feeling a bit better, I think.  All my emails from yesterday came in this morning;  WiFi here has some issues.  I struggled through some more spanish idioms in my homework, probably butchered more than I deciphered, but am learning a lot in class.  I could actually be doing more spanish classes as I have a bit of time in the mornings–one girl here is taking 8 hours of spanish a day! for 8 weeks!–but my brain is already challenged with the language classes and work, so I don’t feel too bad about it.
My teacher is from Arequipa, but lived for 12 years in the States, so learned English very well too.  He probably speaks Quechua, the local native tongue, too.  These kids here usually can speak several languages.  Why don’t we do that in the States?
Disculpeme por favor, Estoy muy cansada y no quiero esribir mas ahora.  Mas mañana.  Forgive me but I am tired and do not want to write anymore.  I am going to bed early tonight, like now, and will write more tomorrow.  Chao,  suenos bonitos!

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