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Fri. 10/31/14

Happy Friday!  AND its Halloween, in Cusco, Peru!
And it looks strangely similar to Halloween in the States, on a bit smaller scale.  But there were so many little tiny Spidermen, Ninja Turtles, Vampires, Witches, and blond princesses (yes, blonde, with ringlet curl wigs) in the central downtown areas going door to door to the merchants, including businesses and phone stores, not just the tourist souvenir merchants.  There were tons of people downtown as I walked back up this evening, and lots more in the Plaza, and even visiting the merchants up the smaller side-streets that I take to go back to Pilar’s.  I hurried because I was supposed to pick up clean laundry, and had forgotten that they are open til 8 (so I was rushing at 6:25).  Oh well, I needed some cardio before dinner anyways.
There were lots of extra street venders tonight, selling snacks and cotton candy, just in case the kids and their young parents weren’t sugared up enough.  And I guess the person who controls the water around here must’ve had a kid out and about or something tonight, because the water was already off at 7:00 tonight.  Was really looking forward to my shower too. :-(    Oh well, tomorrow is Saturday!  Yay!
Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow besides rest.  Will work it out in the morning, probably depending on the weather too.  Oh wow, Mario just told me that the water is back on.  I’m gonna shower.  Woooo-hoooo!  You really learn to appreciate the little things!  :-)
So, I was so excited about getting to take a shower that I got more than halfway through before I realized that I still had my handy-dandy water resistant watch on.  We’ll get to see how it performs, I guess.  It’s still going right now, and the leather band looks all the same color now (wet), and not all scratched up anymore.
I’m tired.  Was I this tired last Friday night?  I don’t remember being this pooped out last week.  But I guess my brain is still going through the struggle to remember even the English language right now.  Sure hope this blows over soon.  I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night, which did help this morning with Spanish idioms and the Festival of Musica Criolla.  I am so much better in the morning for doing my homework, my brain doesn’t hurt quite so much.
The kids were still kindof at a fever pitch again today in Hogar de las Estrellas.  They didn’t have school, and were anticipating the holiday celebrations of the next couple of days, but Dani and Yenni are still not doing too well.  And the rest of them were just at a bit higher level of excitement due to the festivals, I guess.  I just have to hope that I am being helpful sometimes.  And the busses have been extra crammed for the last couple of days too.  Don’t know what’s going on.
So, I got home and told Pilar and Tio Mario (uncle) about my Spanish class with Nadher, my instructor, talking about Musica Criolla (or Cusco’s version of a Creole musical fusion phenomen–I guess the word “Creole” must just mean “a fusion or mix of…” Because we use it to describe our deep southwest populations of mixed French, African, and Caribbean, as well as to describe their languages and customs too.  So anyways, Peru’s version of Creole, or Criollo, is the fusion of music, costumes and styling from Vienna, Italy, Spain, and Poland–Wow, there’s a combo for you!  And it’s in South America! And the costumes and dances are very specific to the music! very upbeat, with 3 specific musical instruments, and vocals too.  So, Tio Mario and Pilar break out the Criolla on the boom box, and we are all dancing before supper tonight!  What fun!
Over dinner, we discussed that Pilar received a serious, and apparently very generous, offer on her house this morning, from a business person.  Her house is in pretty good condition, and is definitely in one of the most desireable neighborhoods in Cusco, San Blas.  It is one of the oldest neighborhoods and has the reputation of being artsy and Bohemian, with lots of artisan tiendas, pretty much the only vegetarian restaurants in town, and lots of pubs and nightlife, lots of tourists!  And this individual came to her home this morning with a realtor and proposed his offer and told of his plans to make it into a nice bed and breakfast type of place–kindof like it is now, But maybe nicer, I think, but I didn’t catch all of the descriptives in spanish at the dinner table, where I was also focused on my rice and cebolla squash. (Oh brother, my auto-correct just corrected “cebolla” to “Ebola” of all things!). So she is giving serious consideration to this and may be moving to a more modern area of Cusco, about a 15 minute bus or taxi ride away, where she has lots of family.
I am the only volunteer left in this casita for tonight, but there are supposed to be more coming tomorrow and Sunday, for a full house by next week.  It was nice to get a couple of really good solid nights of sleep, and to be able to go to bed early, but it’s nice to meet the new people and hear their stories and where they’re from also.  It’s a pretty noisy night tonight, downstairs and in the streets, still at 10:00, but I am going to try to fall asleep to Air1 streaming here on my iPad.

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  1. You may not be getting my comments as they are “in moderation” whatever that means. This cyber world is too much for my brain. Hope you get some down time soon and catch up on your sleep. Can’t remember when you get roommates. How is the woman from Australia? Altitude can really make some people sick like coming up too quickly from a deep dive. Have fun and try not to crash from sensory overload. You love color and music and activity.


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