Week two

 Posted by Natalie Klein at 12:43 pm  Peru
Jul 152015

I don’t really know where to start with explaining my past few days.  I am beginning to get closer relationships with the children I am working with which is an amazing feeling.  When I walk through the door I am greeted with excited yells and many many hugs.  I often wish I could do more for the organization, because it truly is an amazing one.  These kids are so lucky that they were placed in this home, although they have severe disabilities they are given three meals a day, kept clean, and always kept occupied.  On top of that, volunteers and the live-in moms constantly provide the love and attention that any child needs.

While here I have met people from all over the world and talked to some of them about their projects, they include: orphanages, after school centers, rehab centers, women’s shelters, pre-schools, working in the prison, and dog shelters.  Every volunteer here is doing something to try and make Peru a better place to live because it really is an amazing place.  It is very interesting to hear everyones stories about their projects, and to talk about how different our lives are.

I was able to get out and do some very fun things this past weekend.  On Saturday I went whitewater rafting and ziplining which was an amazing experience.  Going down the river through the Peruvian mountians was one of the coolest things I have ever done.  On Sunday I went to four different Inca sacred sites and walked around and took in more history about the city.

I am really enjoying my time here, meeting people, seeing a whole new culture, and doing what I can to improve the lives of the 21 amazing children I get to work with everyday.


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