Week one: day two

 Posted by Natalie Klein at 3:14 pm  Peru
Jul 062015

Walking around with absolutely no plan has never been something I am very good at.  I love plans, times, and set destinations.  But today I woke up bright and early, and walked a half hour to my orientation which did not take very long and was not as informative as I had hoped.  I then had from 8am to when the sun went down to aimlessly explore the city! Luckily I have a roommate who had most of the day free too, and we quickly met other girls and started walking!  From colorful markets, to strange roads, to congested areas with people trying to sell you stuff in spanish Cusco is a very lively city.  I highly enjoyed the markets although the locals quickly catch on that I know very little Spanish and try to rip me off, but I’ve learned to be a good non-verbal bargainer.

If anyone is actually reading this, then you would have realized I have been able to post both of the days I have been here… my host “family” has wifi which is very strong everywhere except my room.  I dont have a problem with it though, the wifi is very convenient and allows me to stay in contact with everyone!

Tomorrow is my first day of work, I am very excited and don’t know what to expect at all.  That seems to be the theme of this experience, taking the unexpected, not having a clue what is happening and making the best of it!


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