Start of week three

 Posted by Natalie Klein at 9:46 am  Peru
Jul 202015

Although I am most definitely building much better relationships with the kids I am working with, I am still not able to take a ton of pictures of the activities we do.  I was able to get a few while I was with them this morning.  In one of the pictures you can see me with a little girl, her name is Yessica, she cannot talk but can understand a small amount of words if said very slowly.  Everyday when I go to the orphanage Yessica and I get to sneak away from the group and go up to the rooftop and sit in the tent that you can see in the picture.  In this tent we have four different activities that she can do for as long as she pleases, and many bright colored scarves and ribbons that she can touch and play with.  Although she cannot communicate it to me, I really feel that having some alone time without a bunch of other kids around really helps her stay happy and healthy.  This tent was a past volunteers idea and I feel it is truly a great thing.

Often the kids get to help prepare their dinners, which is some of their favorite activities.  This is a time where the kids can feel that they are being very helpful, while also having fun.  Today we prepared carrots, potatoes, and peas.  Some of the kids simply separate and sort the vegetables, while other kids get to peal or even chop them.  It is a day long process, but the room is filled with laughter and happiness.

Cusco is a city with so much interesting history in and surrounding it.  This weekend I took a full day tour of the Sacred Valley which allowed me to learn a ton while also seeing some beautiful sights.  Next week I move to the Jungle where there is no electricity, and I will be volunteering there to help conserve the jungle.

I cannot believe how fast the time is going, everyday I wake up and remind myself to take everything in slowly, and to make the most of every second.


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