Day One: Week One

 Posted by Natalie Klein at 1:48 pm  Peru
Jul 052015

Wow.  There are not a lot of other words I can use to describe my experience so far.  I am very quickly learning that a language barrier will have a huge impact on my trip, the almost fully Spanish speaking airport at 5am after an 8 hour flight, this morning was not the best start to a trip.  It is very hard to communicate with the locals such as people who offer you a thousand times for help when you really don’t know what you could need help with!  Either way I made it into the country and am absolutely mesmerized by this beautiful, poverty filled place.  I met all of my roommates and they seem like we will have a great time together!

Looking out the large windows into the thousands of houses nestled into the mountians is like looking at a painting, it is unbelievable.  I will try to capture it in photos but I am very certain it is 100% better in person.  I cant wait to explore the city tomorrow and get my work schedule for the next month!

Day one was a stressful, overwhelming, amazing day and I loved every second of it.


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