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Jul 262015

It was a very emotional goodbye to the children I have grown so close with at the orphanage on Friday. I know I have done all that I can to improve their lives but I seem to find myself wanting to stay longer.  I highly encourage anyone who at all feels they need a break from reality to go an spend some time volunteering. I have had an amazing three weeks working with the children, I wish the time wouldn’t have gone by so fast.

Friday night I took an overnight bus to the city of Puno.  Saturday morning I got on a boat and went to see the famous floating islands on lake titicaca. It was an amazing experience learning how these people live on these small floating islands for their entire life.  We then went to a large island where I met a family that I would spend the night with.  I really enjoyed playing with the children there and teaching them some words in english. We got to climb to the highest point of the island, which is on the highest navigable lake in the world, and watch the sunset. That is a moment I will never forget.  The absolute breath taking view was incredible.

After being woken up by the sound of donkeys and sheep outside my window, I got on another boat to visit another island. We hiked and had lunch their, before returning to the city of Puno.

Tomorrow morning at 9am I am moving onto my second volunteer project which is located in the Amazon jungle. I will be there for one week, working and exploring the jungle. I have no idea what to expect but I am extremely excited for this new experience.


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