Jun 252010

June 23, 2010: Inti-Raymi Parte Uno

Ok, so Tuesday night was really hectic but at the same time very exhilirating. I grudgingly woke up at 7 am this morning to volunteer for the first time. It is so cold in the morning!!!  Anywho, I made my way to Maximo Nivel where I met up with Alyssa. We then walked together to Salome Ferro to volunteer. When we arrived we found out that all but three kids were in school every morning. Therefore, us being there so early in the morning was a little unnecessary and pointless. For three and a half hours I sat in the mess hall next to a piano that Alyssa was teaching the three kids how to play. So basically I did nothing all morning except watch three kids play the same verse of a Coldplay song over and over and over again. But it is all part of the experience so I was not that bothered. After we left the shelter and got back to Maximo Alyssa and I went our separate ways. Since today was the pre-Inti Raymi festivals, the main Avenida El Sol was shut off to traffic and was so packed that it was difficult to walk a block in under fifteen minutes. I was all alone at this point and a little nervous that I would not be able to find anyone I knew in such a large crowd. Luckily, I found one of my housemates, Kelly from Long Island, and she told me that there were some people at Cross Keys watching the Worldcup Soccer games. I walked through the crowd worried that at any moment someone would try to cut open my bag and steal my camera, video camera, and wallet. Thank the lord that never happened, and I am so thankful that a hundred feet before I was to go into Cross Keys I found Emily. My heart stopped pounding, and my nerves calm. I always know how to find Emily by the shape of her head (mainly her really curly hair). We then went into a little shop. I bought my first item of Alpaca gear: a soft winter hat with llamas on it. Emily and I then ate lunch at Cross Keys and afterwards went into the crowded plaza to take some pictures and watch the traditional Incan dancing. We walked up a neighboring alley, stumbled upon a llama walking around with a Peruvian girl dressed up in traditional rainbow sheets. Apparently you need to pay them to take a picture of their llama, but I got a picture when she wasnt looking. After walking up the alley and a huge set of stairs, we found this awesome rooftop walk where we had a great view of La Plaza de Armas. At this point, Emily and I were tired so we walked to the nearest combis stop and returned home. Although we were exhausted, we both needed money (I especially did because I only had 40 centimos left on me) so we went to the nearest Mega (a supermarket) to use the atm and get some snacks. The dinner again was aweful so a bunch of us volunteers went to a 24 hour chicken place to fill up. Later that night we returned to Cross Keys AGAIN but tonight only for a short time because we were all running on very little sleep from the night before. I am getting really sick of going to the same bar. Thats about all that happened today. I cannot wait for Inti Raymi tomorrow. We need to wake up early. Buenas noches.


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