Jun 252010

June 22, 2010: First Night on the Town

The last time I wrote you was after I had my tandem visit and just before my second spanish class. After that class ended, I visited my volunteer placement, Salome Ferro, with my co-volunteer from Wisconsin Alyssa. It is a fairly large and well-kept shelter that houses children whose parents cannot afford to raise them themselves. The location is about a ten minute walk from the Maximo office but its not bad at all. After visiting my placement for the first time, I walked with Alyssa to the Plaza de Armas, Cuzcos main square. It is legitimately one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. The large gothic cathedrals circle the large grassy square. Since Tuesday was the day before the initial Inti Raymi festivals began, there were Cusqueñas dressed in traditional clothing dancing competitively around the plaza. Alyssa is very cool, and we both share a love for traveling to incredible places. We both agreed that this is the greatest place ever. We went our separate ways once we got back to the Maximo office, and I took a combis all alone (I do it on the reg and love every minute of being packed into a small, terribly-ventilated van). When I got home I chilled with the people in the house and watched family guy in the tv room before we ate the dinner which was not very good. Most of the deserts are dairy, but I am served the gross fruit cocktails because when I signed up for this trip I said I was lactose intolerant. Following dinner, almost everyone in the house went out to a bar, Cross Keys, in La Plaza de Armas. There we ordered drinks and had tons of fun laughing and telling embarrassing childhood stories. I told some people about the time when Ali and Zack made fun of me when I dressed up like a dracula for holloween, and how that preventedme from ever enjoying that holiday ever again. At around twelve we headed over to some clubs, Inka Team and Mythology, to go dance and have a good time. Around 3 am I wanted to go home, and so I took a taxi back to the volunteer house. The cab driver drove in a direction that I was not familiar with and thus scared the crap out of me. I thought I was going to be kidnapped, but apparently, my friend Amy assured me, that was the normal way to leave the plaza. I got dropped off accross the street from my house, and when I reached the other side of the road, three dogs started barking and running towards me. To avoid being bitten and given rabies, I sprinted to the door of the house and anxiously rang the doorbell. When I got into the house, I was gasping for air whilst telling everyone my near encounter with death (just kidding I am being overly dramatic). This was just my Tuesday and really early Wednesday morning. I went to sleep at 3:30 am knowing that I had to wake up the next morning at 7 to go volunteer at my placement where I knew there would only be two kids because everyone else would be in school in the morning. Ok I have to go back to my house for lunch, but when I return for spanish classes at 2pm I will tell you about Wednesday and Thursday because they were so much fun and quite an adventure.


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