June 30, 2010: Am I the Tallest Man in this City?

The past few days have been pretty usual excpet a few things. First of all, it has been raining here the past two days- an unnatural occurence during Cuzco winters. When it rains it is cold because when the sun is blocked it gets so cold. In my volunteer house, my roommate Johaness and I have been living in the coldest room in the place. Finally on Monday night we got a space heater which works wonders. On Saturday the USA lost the futbol game to Ghana. Truthfully, I do not really care that much, but I was proud of my country for making it all the way to the second round. While the game was going on, I was taking my first Salsa dance class. We learned the basic steps and as the day progressed the steps became much more complicated. The lesson taught me I lack basic rhythm, and I will probably never be a world-class dancer, but I still ahd a great time. At one point in the lesson, as the music kept playing we were told to every so often switch from partner to partner. This was fun because I soon learned that I was far from being the worst dancer there. Also, there was a girl about 4 foot 6 inches who I had to dance with a couple of times. It was so awkward because one of the moves involved putting our arms around each others shoulders. For that step I had to squat down so that she could reach above my chest. Despite that, it was a lot of fun, and I look forward to doing it again this Saturday. Everyone here is so short that I feel like I am a highschooler walking through the halls of a elementary school. There are some natives who look like they could either be ten years old or upwards of thirty. I love being able to see over everyone, especially during the Inti Raymi festival last week.

Yesterday was El Dia del Papa in Cuzco: a family holiday celebrating the Catholic Pope. There were no parades or anything, but I did get the day off from work. I changed my schedule around so that now my volunteer project is in the afternoon and my spanish classes are from 10-12. I reluctantly joined the advanced spanish class because of scheduling conflicts, but I turned out to actually really like it because it is not too difficult. Last night me and some of my other volunteer friends went out to Cross Keys. There was a crazy spanish lady at the bar who threw her class drink on the floor and seemed to be looking for a fight. After all of this commotion, we all decided to go back home and get some rest. In ten minutes I have to meet up with my new Tandem partner Salvatorre, and then tonight a bunch of us are going out to celebrate Tigons birthday.

From Peru, hasta luego and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA and UNCLE MARC!!!!!!!!!!


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