Posted by Jane Wright at 12:26 pm  Panama
Jan 232013

We are getting a good taste of all the volunteering options availabe in and around Boquete. This morning Oscar took us up to the wildlife rescue centre.  We cleaned out bowls and troughs in the monkey and bird enclosures and cleaned the trays under the boa constrictor cages, as well as feeding some of the animals.  There was a beautiful spider monkey who loved attention and who would reach through the fence to hold your hand and to make sure that you would stay there and stroke her, she would wrap her tail around your arm.  It was amazing the strength of her grip.  A little capuchin monkey was darting in and out of the enclosure and enjoyed climbing all over us.  The parrots liked landing on our shoulders also.  It was very cool.

We then picked Kaytee up and all headed to David.  We had a huge meal at a great Chinese restaurant in David then went to a centre that accommodates children suffering from leukemia or cancer throughout their treatment.  It was a great facility that is made available to children from throughout the country.

From there we went to another facility that has been set up recently to cater for teenage girls – some of whom have come from Hogar Trisker (the orphanage).  The director was previously director at Hogar Trisker and she set this one up because she felt the teenage girls needed a separate facility.


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