Posted by Jane Wright at 2:10 pm  Panama
Jan 242013

A local group run a kids programme here in Boquete once a week during summer break and they sponsor children from Hogar Trisker to attend.  Today 20 children from Hogar Trisker attended along with children from town, and we went along to help out.  In the morning the children were put into groups according to age and did a variety of activities – basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, swimming and craft.  We were all well fed at lunchtime by the local ladies (some of the boys from the orphanage kept me busy with return runs of meals – they could put it away nearly as quickly as I could deliver it), and then after lunch everyone had time to do whichever activities they wanted to.  There were games and relays to finish off.  It was a great day, enjoyed by all, and it was wonderful to see some of the orphanage children coming out of their shells.


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