Posted by Jane Wright at 11:09 am  Panama
Jan 282013

On Sunday afternoon we helped out at the Boquete spay-neuter clinic run by the Fundacion Amigos de Animales Boquete.  We were based in the large dog section of ‘recovery’ and basically our task was to wake the dogs while monitoring their temperature and breathing.  It was very physical work, having to shake and vigorously rub the dogs to make them want to wake up, and turning them every 10 minutes.  The clinic was run in the gym and the whole set-up was very impressive with a huge number of animals being operated on throughout the day.

Today we went back to David to help out at La Fundaciones Amigos – the residential centre for children having cancer treatment.  Our sole charge today was George, aged 3.  He loved doing his craft work so much that he refused to go to lunch and was almost falling asleep on the job.  He had no concern at my lack of Spanish – he just moved my hands around on the craft materials to tell me what he wanted me to do.

It was very hot again in David so we were very pleased to get back to Boquete, although the bus trip was very long and very hot with every possible space taken.


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