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Feb 112013

It has taken me a while to get around to completing my Journal – perhaps I have been putting it off because it means my adventure is over!

We spent all day Tuesday, and Wednesday morning at Hogar Trisker.  On Wednesday afternoon we went to La Jungla (the wildlife refuge) where we spent some time with the dogs with the aim of helping to socialise them and increase their chances of adoption.  We helped out at kids camp again on Thursday and returned to Hogar Trisker on Friday morning.  I then headed for home.

After having been completely daunted at the beginning of my time in Panama, by the end I was feeling very comfortable there and certainly could have stayed for longer.

My major frustration was my lack of Spanish.  I really wanted to be able to communicate with the staff at Hogar Trisker and naturally wanted to be able to interact more with the children.

The children were the highlight – they were unassuming and grateful for any time given to them.

Boquete is a beautiful place and the climate is pretty close to perfect.

Some negatives were the rubbish that seemed to be everywhere, and the terrible condition of the majority of cars and trucks on the roads, along with some fairly crazy driving.  The constant tooting annoyed me to begin with but I soon learnt the ‘language of the toot’ which could mean anything from “Get out of my way” to “You go” to “Hello” to “You look good” to “Do you want a ride?”!  The ride in the always full to brimming bus also became a pleasant, entertaining experience.

My lasting impression of Panama will be of the extremes of wealth and poverty, and I hope that as the country develops, the issues of poverty will be addressed rather than ignored.


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