Getting here

 Posted by Jane Wright at 5:42 am  Panama
Jan 222013

After more than 30 hours travelling, including flights and transit times, I arrived in Panama City early Thursday morning.  As we landed I was treated to an amazing view of the canal.  I could see ships at different stages along the canal and around 100 on the coastline and in the harbour.  The city was certainly a city of extremes with the most incredible skyscrapers, the beautiful old town and large, very derelict low income housing areas.  The traffic was crazy and taxi rides were an adventure.  I took the hop-on hop-off bus tour around the city, stopping at the canal to watch a ship progress through the Miraflores locks.

On Friday I flew from Panama City to David where I was met by Oscar.  Oscar drove me to Boquete and dropped me off at the volunteer house.  I was the first volunteer to arrive so was on my own for the first night, but then Robyn arrived from Canada on Saturday and Jessica arrived from the States on Sunday.

There was a large fair (the Coffee and Flower fair) on in Boquete throughout the weekend.  This meant the town was very busy and incredibly noisy as there was music pumping all day and nearly all night, resulting in very little sleep.  We have also had issues with very little water so have had to adapt to the fact that you just have to make do.  We are getting quite adept at slowly filling buckets with water from the tap to flush the toilet with.  We are also getting used to having to put our toilet paper in the bin as the pipes can’t handle it.



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