Reunion in Kenya

 Posted by Tomoyo Kasuya at 12:35 pm  Kenya
Sep 252013


It was very long and beautiful flight. From New York to Brussell was night time, so I didn’t see anything, but from Brussell to Nirobi was day time, so I was able to see beautiful Switz mountains and Italian coasts, and Sahara desert from airlaine. It was absolutely amazing to see them from up in air. I think it was the first time in my adult life that I took pictures in airplaine.

I finally arrived to Nirobi around midnight. I was very impressed was how friendly Kenyan custom officers were. They were smiling and welcoming everyone who were going through the custom. Usually, custom officers are not friendly and treating people like criminals. I never had any conversation and usually just answer yes/no.  In Kenya, I actually had conversation with Custom officers and they explained to me about visa applications.  It was especially nice after spending 2 whole days traveling.

Once I went through custom and picked up my bags, I reunited with my best friend Susanna. It has been 2 years since we hang out.  We were supposed to pick up wine and had all night chat, but we were not able to buy alcohol…. According to Susanna, Kenya government created new regulation that they are not selling alcohol after certain time. We did not have alcohol, but that did not stop us. We chat all night about our lives.

Well,  I see gurds everywhere, but things are rather calmer than I thought. Susanna said stores were closed for a few days after mall shooting, but most of stores are back in service with extra security. Since I was with Susanna, who is Kenyan, I just follow her and let her carry my valuable things at night.  To be honest, I was more scared of no traffic light regulations on highways. There are traffic lights, but no one follow the traffic lights at all. Susanna just pass through major intersections regardless of traffic lights. She said they are under major construction right now and should be done in a few month, in the meanwhile, no one follow traffic lights……

I am excited to walk around Nirobi tomorrow. ??????t



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