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 Posted by Steph and Lauren at 8:57 am  Kenya
Jun 032013

STEPH ATE CROCODILE … and she really liked it! Aside from the pineapple dipped in chocolate (which was perfect), it was her favorite food of the night. (she is a vegetarian for those of you who don’t know). Reallyyy exciting.
Anyway, we just got back from Carnivore restaurant where we were served so much delicious food. We went with three other happy life volunteers who we have been spending a lot of time with, one of them being Sara, because it is our last night all together. Carnivore is in the Safari Park Hotel which was absolutely gorgeous and had a great outdoor scenery. We were served a four course meal in which the non -vegetarians of the group tried chicken, pork, spare ribs, pig, crocodile (for all), lamb, ostrich, and turkey. Overall, ostrich and crocodile were the biggest hits. We were also treated to amazing desserts, fresh fruit and tea /coffee after our meal. It was nice to have some protein to supplement our almost -all -carb diet since we’ve been here.
Not only was the food to die for, but there was a live dancing /acrobatic show that we both agree was the best performance we have ever seen. Thee were about thirty performers doing unbelievable dances and tricks including jumping over each other and through small hoops, somersaults and push ups in a high speed jump rope, limboing under fire one foot off the ground, a number of jaw -dropping human pyramids /stances, great dancing and really cool costumes. We heard there was going to be a show, but we were truly amazed by this performance and talent.

To back track to the rest of the day … we started out our day with the infants where we noticed a strange pattern on one of the baby’s tongues. It looked like four evenly spaced vertical lines on her tongue and when we asked a mom to look at it she sent us over to the nurse who told us it is an upper respiratory tract infection. She said this is caused by unsanitary bottles or putting their fingers /dirty toys in their mouth. It was very interesting for us to see because we’ve never heard of such a pattern forming on he tongue from an infection. As the day went on we noticed several of the babies coughing and having trouble getting through their bottles because their chests were so congested.

To continue with the illnesses, one of the boys who we took to ice cream yesterday, held
hands with and played tag with apparently has scabies. We found this out today when we asked one of the moms why he wasn’t in school. We are washing our hands a lot ans hoping no one else catches it ..

Today we also went to the supermarket and got cake to frost and decorate for the moms. The
limited relating selection left us with coconut pecan frosting which seemed to be a hit. Every mom was sure to mention how sweet it was since their idea of sweet is far less sweet than ours.


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