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Jun 052013

We both thought we would wake up today sad to leave but also excited to get home. There is no way to describehow we have been feeling today though. We woke up and headed downstairs so that we could say bye to the moms leaving from last night’s feeding. This was harder than we anticipated and they were also emotional about us leaving. They kept saying things like “I’ll miss you” “why are you leaving” “just stay” and our favorite, “I’m painful”. It seems everyone we have run into today, even those we didn’t havetime to get to know too well, have been saying many similar things. Which, as you can imagine,  is making it no easier to leave.

Despite all of this, the kids are what make leaving such a challenge. I’m sure we have mentioned this several times, but they are truly such good and sweet kids. They all show it in different ways but they each have such good hearts and we are going to miss them terribly. We will even miss hearing them run around and scream every morning at 4am (no joke) andbeing peed, spit up, drooled, and thrown up on every day. But mostly we will miss seeing their smiles, hearing them laugh andbeing able to give them the hugs they deserve.

After feeding thebabies this morning, we spent some time with the toddlers. Again, it was great to see the boy being adopted bonding g so well with his new German parents and they seem so excited tobe with him. Whenever hismom was out of sight,  he would start screamingand crying so he is clearly attaching already. Onthe other hand, the four year old girl being adopted is still having a hard time bonding and connecting with her new italianparents. She ran away screaming and hugged Sara ‘s leg which made us feel awful for the mom. However, one of the moms who works here started talking to the little girl in Swahili. We haveno idea what she said,  the only word we heard was “mom” and we saw her pointto the gate as she spoke. Immediately, the little girl leaned in and put her arms around her new mom. Although it may take a while, we have hopes theywill bond over time and we know she wont be sent with them until she is fully ready and willing. Afterthis happened, we were again with the toddlers and the German family when wenoticed one of the eight year old boys pouting and standing very close to the German mom. It was so sad to see him understand other children are getting adopted while he is not. Although he was cheered up when we played andgave him bubbles, we cant imagine what is going througbis head and it is really sad yo watch and think about.  We also spent time today withthe older kids who are not in school. Weplayed with them in the big outdoor play pen as they crawled all over us andfought over our laps. Although we did not wantto leave them, we had to grab lunh and feed he babies theirs. While feeding, we got to talk to one of the moms who helped us realize how much they really need and benfit from having volunteers.

That takes us up to right now and it is just about time to head down for our LAST feeding. After that, we will have just enough time to see the kids after school and make one last round of goodbyes. Thank you to everyone who has been following along with our journey, we hope you enjoyed our stories and maybe learned some new things about both Kenya and Happy Life -they are both wonderful places.












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