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Jun 022013

Last night when we made it back to Happy Life completely exhausted it seemed like.a great idea to put off the blog, but now we’re realizing that’s not the case since we’ve had two super full days.

sYesterday started off with summertime haircuts for all the infants. After they finished  their breakfast we handed each one off to the moms and with a pair of regular craft scissors she chopped off all of their hair. All of the kids look so different, but there were two in particular whose hair had been  bordering on afros and they look like entirely new babies. But the short hair will be good as keeps getting warmer and hopefully less sweaty heads will lead to less boils that keep popping up on all of them.

lAfter lunch, we took the day off and went to the Rugby championship game. Nick, a student from California who is studying in Nairobi and volunteers at happy life for one of his classes, came with one of his neighbors, Matt,  to pick us up. Matt is Kenyan but he lived in the US for awhile before coming back home for college. He showed a (really nice BMW) five seater car. so he and nick took the front, and Sara, Sarah, Joselyn, Darrah, and the two of us squished in the back. It wouldn’t have been too bad except for that the half hour drive turned into an hour and a half one. it was Kenya’s independence day yesterday, and the presidennts house was on the way to the Rugby stadium. Even with Matt (and  a third of the traffic)  driving on sidewalks it was very slow going.

It was interesting seeing the presidents enormous estate though,  and so crazy to compare it to the living standards around us. The current president, Uhuru Kenyatta, is the son of Kenya’s first president. We also drove past the house he grew up in which was just as lavish as the state house. Matt joked about how he “really understands the experiences of the common Kenyan people.” He also explained that Uhuru is a member of the largest tribe in Kenya, and that all.elections really do here is confirm the population census. Each tribe always votes.for.their own.

We finally reached the stadium and met up with Nick’s Kenyan cousin-by-marriage and some of his friends. In the parking lot they were selling Kenyan flags, scarves, hilarious plastic Kenyan colored cowboy hats and best of all.face paint. we all.chickened.out but nick asked for a Kenyan flag on his forearm. The end product looked more like an Italian flag but it was funny.

We had also invited our taxi driver Timothy and his girlfriend Shanel to the game, so we.met up with them inside. Rugby is the most popular sport around here, and the the stadium was.really fun. Kenya wound up.winning 23 to 18.and we decided to grab a celebratory piazza dinner at the mall.

By the time we had eaten, we were exhausted. So all the girls.crammed back.into Timothy’s car and we had another crowded commute back home. After a great nights sleep that brings us to today.

We drove to church this morning with all of the Pastor Peter, the main pastor at overcoming faith church and one of the happy life directors that we coordinated with before we got here, gave the sermon today. Although sermon may not be the correct term because the mass.consisted.of.two main parts: singing and.dancing which took at least n hour before any words were said in the service, and then continued throughout, and then a “miracle” portion….? Pastor Peter told everyone that miracles do happen,  and invited everyone who needed a.miracle in any part of their to the altar. About 20.people lined up, with needs ranging from fixing a family fight concerns to sickness. One girl who.went up.actually said she was suffering from typhoid. Pastor Peter laid his hand on each person’s head and prayed for them one by one. The sick ones were told they had been healed.on the spot,  and other problems were.ensured to.resolve. Two of the ushers stood behind each person as pastor Peter.”saved” them (as he phrased it)because a.few of them.crumpled.towards the ground once he finished and.needed to be caught. It was a really crazy thing to witness.

After the service was.over, all of the kids met in one of the Sunday school rooms to.celebrate one of the girls birthdays and we were invited to join them.for that. One interesting.thing we’ve that Kenyans dont eat really sweet foods. all of their.cakes /donuts etc. taste like corn bread.

We.had left for church at 9.and got back.for the end of the infants lunch feeding a little bit before.1. We had such a great rest of the afternoon. Once all.the younger kids went down for their nap, we took the 9 school-age two girls whose moms work here to the new ice that just opened at the mall.down the street. go to school.or to church, the kids almost never get to leave Happy Life, so that made the trip.even more.exciting. There was service that had just gotten out on the road by the mall so the street was.super crowded. Between the five.of us volunteers we probably did 500 head counts.

A new chicken place also just opened so there was someone in a chicken costume right next to ice cream. The kids were so scared of it! We had to explain over and over that it was just clothes. The kids had the choice.of.vanilla.strawberry or.twist, and soon enough we had.11 kids sitting against the wall.eating their ice cream. for some.of them, it was the first time they had ever tried it. It was.also.the first time many of them had brain freezes, and apparently that can be a pretty upsetting ordeal if you’re.not.expecting it.

However the most exciting be a part of.was the kids’ first escalator ride. As soon as.we.walked.into the mall they all started pointing and asking if they could please.go.on the big stairs. So, instead of paying 500 shillings per kid to take the indoor playground, we all took.a.trip up the up escalator and down the down. Although they all.eventually.managed to.ride up with both feet.on one.step, the process for each kid to convince step on was just like that scene from.elf. We had to keep moving out of the way to let people.pass while they worked up the courage to take the risk. There was one the top.of the escalator and.two.girls.who be carried down because they refused to step on the second  escalator, but all on all the kids were.reallly excited about it and came back and.bragged about their all.the moms.when we life.

We spent the remaining time until.dinner with the Joselyn had bought nail polish a.few days ago to paint the girls’ nails, but when we brought it down we found out that nail.polish is against the school dress code. if they show up with it on they will be sent home. So, we stuck to.painting toes and.letting the girls.paint our nails. the fluroscent orange and purple combination is looking great. We also taught the kids stuck in the mud tag (which is freeze tag, except the way you free someone who has been.frozen is to crawl.through their legs). The moms watching definitely.looked.confused as we were.playing,  but the kids absolutely.loved it. And we had a lot too :)









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