1st Journal Entry

 Posted by Peter Martin at 4:06 am  Kenya
Aug 052013

I am all settled in in Kenya. For the next four weeks I will be volunteering in Mlolongo, Kenya working with the HIV/AIDS population, primarily women and children. I will be working with a small Kenyan organization called Living Positive Mlolongo, whose primary focus is the empowerment of people living with HIV/AIDS. I will primarily be making home visits to the affected population. I am lucky to be able to bring my experiences as an HIV Counselor in NYC to the people of Mlolongo. I have no doubt this will be an emotional time for me, but I am confident that these women and children will have as much to offer me as I have to offer them. I have been here for less than a week so far I and am already truly inspired by their strength and courage. I also am living with a wonderful Kenyan family who welcomed me in as one of their own the second I arrived and it nice to go home to them every evening.


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