Sep 282013

First of all let my apologize for the awful autocorrect this thing does. I try to catch it but clearly from my previous post I didn’t catch it all.

Well like the title the trip to Brussels was hard- mostly emotionally. I had my airplane moment people had warned me about. I had one final conversation in DC with Matt and my family and then upon being seated in a half full huge airplane reality set in. I was leaving my family and my country. No one at this point was there to help. It was all me. I had already had to run and catch two trains to catch this plane and I think because of that stress, having not eaten since early in the morning, and being exhausted, I felt overwhelmed, mostly with sudden loneliness. I could not stop the tears… so embarrassing. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I have been wanting this for so long and here I was making it happen and all of the sudden I had regrets for the length of time I was going to be away. I suddenly realized how close I was close I was to my family and what an emotional backbone they provided for my life. I kept telling myself to get it together but I couldn’t. I had the nicest flight attendant come up and try to offer me tissues. I felt so silly, but with the hunger and exhaustion and nerves of flying I just could not pull myself together ( no big sobs, just silent tears).

The great thing looking back besides the kind flight attendant was brussels airlines rocked! The plane was very nice. The flight was only half full which meant eventually I could spread across three seats and sleep, and believe it or not, the food was great ( I grew up on cafeteria lunch food so my bar may not be too high) :) I was starving Too.

i got to Brussels just fine and everyone in the airport was so nice. The border control guard was so kind and gave me tips about getting to the holiday inn I had picked out to stay at and confirmed it was in a safe area- which my limited experience if these people often show little emotion are suspicious of all, and want to just keep the line moving. I then took a taxi ride with an extremely nice driver although i might have gotten ripped off. But oh well! Then everyone at the hotel has been so nice.

Still feeling exhausted hungry  and emotional I called my family using viber and then FaceTime. It only seemed to make me miss them more. Plus I found out Pooba had thrown up & not acting like himself which made me feel guilty for not being there.

But here is when my attitude or emotions took a turn and proved to me I was right a bout why I was so emotional. I went and bought some gross wrap from the hotel lobby (food is fuel theory came into play here) and took a three hour nap. Then I woke up and went exploring and walking through a close by neighborhood to get a taste of Belgium. That is what my soul needed- food, sleep, and fresh air. The weather is much like Colorado in the early and it took me back to my hikes with my aunt in Colorado. My spirit had been renewEd and was ready for this adventure.

I am normally someone that really enjoys their alone time so I couldn’t process why earlier I was fearing being alone. I actually seek it out in most cases but I guess just knowing others are there if needed is a comfort I didn’t know meant so much to me. Here is the self growth and understanding everyone told me I would experience.

Then I went for dinner at the hotel restaurant and the Belgium soccer team was there. They were having a merry good time :) singing and drinking. I enjoyed a Mediterranean pizza and a glass of wine. I then came back to my room, watched a little you tube and went to sleep.

I just woke up at 4am and took my final real shower before the bucket showers start- the longest shower I have taken in a while :) I am going to catch the 6:30am shuttle to the airport and then my flight aid at 10:50am. It is 12 hours! Then I am supposed to be greeted by a driver and taken to a host family’s home the fore my orientation starts the following day! I am now very settled and excited about this and have enjoyed the alone time with god and feeding my soul. Ican’t wait to meet the other volunteers and Peris who is my contact through vidca in Nairobi.

If anyone wants to be able to text or call for free, download viber app And let me know so I can add you as a contact.

Not sure about wifi in Kenya so I’m not sure when I will get to post next- hugs to all!


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