Sep 172013

Well yesterday I found out which orphanage I would be sent to!!

The great thing about GVN is I was really able to tailor my experience to align with my interests, the dates that worked for me, the amount of time I preferred, and the type of service I wanted to provide.

In turn this meant, I got to choose something with orphaned children. I got to select my least busy month at work, October, for my service time. I got to steer clear of the medical programs since I wasn’t blessed with a steel stomach. And I got to select which country.

The one thing I did not get to select, was which orphanage I would work in. I did however, get to complete a form that allowed me to mark different areas that were important to me (i.e. working with other volunteers, staying with a family, tasks I would enjoy, skills that could be useful, ages of children, size of the orphanage, and more). Well they did a great job!The only request that wasn’t fulfilled was living with a host family, and instead will stay onsite. This will just provide more time for me to share the love I have been provided by all of you with each of them.

I was assigned to DAYLOVE CHILDREN’s HOME in Dagoretti, Kenya. This home started out feeding needy children in the community and later became a rescue center for vulnerable children, providing education, care, shelter and love. In my program description they note that my primary duties will be playing with children, meal prep (poor children :) ), counseling, teaching, carpentry, tailoring, and teaching other life skills. They serve children ages 3 – 19 years and there are almost 300 children there.

I was also told the names of the other volunteers that I will be working with during this time: Emily (from the UK) and Marianna (from Mexico). I can’t wait to meet them!

I was able to find a video (see below) of the home from former GVN volunteer- It gave me a better image of what to expect when I get there… the shower was the biggest obstacle I saw :)

I will try to stay on top of updating you all through the process, but much of it will be dependent upon internet access.

Love you all!


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