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 Posted by Meredith Rosson at 2:14 am  Kenya
Oct 162013

I am sorry to all that I haven’t been able to update at this my often as I had hoped. I do nothave easy access to Internet and when I do, it doesn’t work long enough to type in here.

I am trying to soak in every moment here, especially with the kids that live on site. I will try to share a couple of stories that have snuggled their way into my heart:

the first is the moment I had a breakthrough with our you get child, coco. she is pint size and funny and has the brightest smile that overtakes her small stature. Until about 1 week ago, she had always ran away from other and showed such shyness around me. The moment we had a breakthrough I think I really just wore her down by trying so hard to talk to her. so often the kids are spoken to as a group, given the opportunity for individualized attention seems abnormal and they are wary of it often. I think that is what was going on with coco…. Until we discovered our mutual love of practical jokes. Once she noticed me tapping kids on the shoulder and hiding or pretending it wasn’t me, we became partners in crime quickly. :) that first night of practical jokes ended with her falling asleep in my lap. Her tiny body fit perfectly in my lap and quickly, despite the chaos around us she fell asleep. I love this moment so much.

Another way I have bonded with coco and others was with my hair. They are obsessed with my hair- touching , brushing, braiding, anything. Even the boys love it. At the bottom is a pic of my hair after I let the kids, Regina specifically, have free reign with my hair and my brush (yes she used my brush to do this do)

but back to my hair and my second moment if bonding. There is a boy named Moses, that to be honest, I thought I would never get to know during my time here because he really avoided all adults. I could not tell if it was bc he was always getting into something secretly or shy or scared. But whatever it was, he kept a far distance from me and others. I didn’t push it with him like I did with coco. But proof that kids are the same everywhere I in the world, all it ended up taking was a recipe consisting of my hair brush, my camera, and my interest with him. I wanted to find out all of the kids’ beats and Moses, like normal was avoiding me but showed interest in what I was doing from afar. When he became my last child to collect info about, I found out from him in a quiet voice that he didn’t know his birthday. I quickly told him he was lucky then, bc he got to choose his own. That was when he chose December 13. His lucky number was the same as mine and that broke the ice. Then later in the evening I was showing kids my photos from turkey and showing them the cool places they could visit when they go there one day (I am really trying to teach them that it is possible for them to get educated, work hard, and save and they too can visit other places and maybe even help other children out someday like the volunteers they have had visit them). Moses slowly made is way over to the crowd of kids listening to me. I noticed but knew not to make a fuss about it bc I might scare him off with any individual attention in a group setting. by the end of my pictures Moses was one of the only kids left still listening. He was right next to me by this point helping keep the others from putting dirty fingers on my screen ( he had listened to my rules and respected them- this was huge!) then I asked him if he wanted to brush my hair. He nodded and took my brush. In that moment trust had been built between us and it was mutual. When it came time for tv, he stayed by my side. Slowly he wrapped his tiny arm around mine and a few minutes later he slowly lowered his head onto my shoulder. I ¬†felt his unease with this act and knew it wasn’t a natural thing for him to seek physical affection. I felt like it had been a long time since he had been held in arms he trusted. I can not explain the honor I felt with the break through that evening but I wondered if it would last. Lucky for me the next day I was playing soccer with some kids and he again was watching from afar. I passed him the ball and quickly he joined me by my side. almost every evening he has joined me during tv time and we snuggle. Not many words are exchanged… He isn’t much of a talker, but we have a bond that is communicated through trust. I hope it continues the rest of this trip. He has really honored me with his way of showing me he trusts me and loves me and I think I have shown him he can love as well.

I miss my family daily and my friends, but moments like this, winning over the broken trust of these kids one by one is so comforting in this situation. I am just trying to remember every breakthrough I am privileged to receive while I am here with them.



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