Third log: Time.

 Posted by jfernandez at 9:34 pm  India
Feb 272011

How can I write about everything that happens here?  Life in Jaipur is chaotic, full of dozens of changing plans, even on the days that are supposed to be used for resting you get a full day schedule of different things to do all of a sudden.

It hasn’t been a week since I’ve been here and I already took hindi classes, hindu class, revealing chats about the situation of women in India and the caste system, met several Indians and their families who are always welcoming, candid and pleasing people, got invited to a wedding –a massive colorful, food-stuffed event with fireworks and dancing that materializes a perfect allegory as to what it is like to live in India–, been to the beautiful oasis of peace and silence immersed in the noise and chaos of the Pink City that is the Wind Palace, a beautiful place from which the king’s women used to watch the city without being spotted by the other persons, had a drink with my great dutch friend Mira at the most elegant palace hotel Jai Mahal, bought traditional Khurtas -shirts- at the old market and then got harassed by a drum seller, had a taste of dozen of not-so-good tasting sweets and amazingly flavored Masala…

The former is a tiny fraction of everything that has happened since I got to this place, it makes me smile just to think of it. The truth is I am blessed every day, with new sights and dashing red sunsets,  the common flavor of our daily made delicious chai (hindi word for ‘tea’) and the new ones that come every day, the smell of the cow-inhabited slums of Jaipur and every imaginable sort sensory experience, but as I learned today the most amazing and soul-nurturing experience I get after playing sounds with my kids is realizing that they actually started learning to read in English, which no one had taught them before, so maybe now the might just get a better chance for their futures. It is true that volunteering is not like I expected, that I had to let go my dreamy idea of coming here to change the world and acknowledge that you come here to do your best against the ferocious and striking monster that is poverty in this country, but the bigger truth underneath is that for every little things you teach to these boys, you get taught ten times more, and one can only be grateful to have found such immense source of wisdom in a poor blue classroom set in the middle of this lovely city…


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