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 Posted by May Wright at 4:33 am  Guatemala
Jul 032015

This week has been a normal week of Spanish lessons and work. I am getting into a routine and feeling more comfortable with my work. I have a new teacher for my Spanish lessons though – maybe temporarily. On Tuesday, Nery, my regular teacher did not show up. It turns out he had a family emergency, so on Wednesday, I got a new teacher, Gloria. We basically just chat the whole time which I enjoy for the time being, but I hope that Nery comes back next week.

In my routine, I have some down time between my lesson and work. One day I went to buy a book in Spanish and read in the park. I didn’t get to read much that day because a man with a little boy came up to me and we chatted for a while. People seem to like to talk. I’ve had several nice chats with people around town.

I’ve gotten to see the little kids of the family more over the past few days as Emanuel, the 4 year old that lives at the house, is on vacation and some other relatives are in town – mom plus 3 little boys! The house is definitely noisier! Emanuel is so stinkin cute, but still very shy with me. I try to talk to him some, but he usually directs his attention to the visiting baby, David. Emanuel is obsessed with that baby! Trying to touch him, play with his hands, and constantly talking to him, “Liiiindo David!” in his cute little voice.

I got to have lunch one day with 3 siblings from the states that were traveling together at a place where they serve typical food from a counter covered in clay pots full of colorful delcious food. We had a nice time. Today I’ve been invited to eat with the Orozco family again, so I’m looking forward to that. Also looking forward to a weekend! Dancing tonight with the ladies from work, and Saturday/Sunday on the beach! Headed to Monterrico tomorrow!



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