Day off

 Posted by May Wright at 4:18 am  Guatemala
Jun 302015

After a marvelous cup of Guatemalan coffee, I had my Spanish class this morning with Nery. Of course again the location was changed and we started a few minutes late because I was having trouble finding him. We mostly just conversed today. He told me about this holiday weekend – how today is “Banker’s Day” (which I found to be weird) and tomorrow is army day. He says that there’s a day for everyone – an excuse for everyone to rest for a day. Afterwards, I walked around the city, taking a look at some other parts that I hadn’t visited yet. I’m finally getting a feel for where I am in the city which is super important because street signs are almost non-existent.

In the afternoon, I continued my walk through the city, passing through the cemetery. It’s an impressive one with huge stone sepulchers and a chapel. The first downpour of my stay came in around 2pm and I got to see how the streets become rivers. The day was pretty chill. I joined a pubcrawl for a little while to meet some more people. Lots of Australians! They must have a flexible work schedule :) In the evening, I had dinner at home, and before bed, I got to see Volcan de Fuego erupt at night. You can see the orange glow of the lava from miles away. Pretty awesome!



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