Sep 092015

So I have now been in Bawjiase for a week.  I can’t say that it went fast,  but I am glad to be here,  and I wasn’t so sure of that the first day!  I thought I would start by showing you the volunteer house that I am living in.  In comparison to the houses around me it is pretty nice.   We have electricity (although it goes out regularly), no running water,  but there is a toilet, which we flush with a bucket of water,  and a shower room which we use 2 buckets to pour water on yourself to shower.  No hot water, but room temperature feels fine.   There are four bedrooms a dining area, a kitchen/storage area.  Out back we burn the garbage, as everyone does.  And it’s a short walk to the well for water.  There are two Ghana’s living here,  NaNa is the volunteer coordinator,  and Isaac is the cook and care taker.  His job is to make three meals a day for me,  and even if I’m not hungry,  he is making three meals! In addition there are two dogs and two cats.  (Cats are a LOT skinnier in Ghana)

Breakfast consists of either a large pancake, which is not fluffy, but a little sweet and very good,  an omelette, no cheese, or one day we had “donuts” which tasted like biscuits,  they were fabulous. Lunch and dinner are similar,  I usually get either a hard boiled egg, or a piece of chicken, with either noodles (like ramen noodles) or rice.  The rice is covered in sauce that is always good,  vegetables and tomatoes paste.  Isaac usually makes more than I can eat,  so the rest goes to the dog,  Effie.  Effie has been like a guard dog, he walks to the orphanage and back with me,  and if a man gets to close he starts barking at them.  Effie is actually the size and color of PeeWee, (for those of you that remember our previous dog) but a little smarter.

I usually get up around 5:30 to 6 as this is when there seems to be a lot of noise outside,  loudspeakers talking about something, children crying and roosters crowing.  It gets light early,  but it is also dark by 6:30 pm.  Usually by 7, Isaac is making breakfast.  They don’t have coffee,  and at first my choice was “Milo” which is hot instant chocolate, but now we have tea, which is fine.  I then head up to the orphanage.  The children tell me that they get up at 6,  and they are always out and dressed when I get there.  Last week the children were on vacation, but this week they started school, so they have their uniforms on and are at school by 8.  I don’t have any specific duties at the orphanage, so I spend time with the children, and try to help out with chores.  I walk back for lunch and then back to the orphanage in the afternoon.  From what I can tell, there is no schedule,  I show up when I want and figure out who to talk to and what do to.  By the time we have dinner it is dark, and I haven’t ventured out at night, and probably won’t.  People are very friendly,  but even at this house they lock the door with added metal bars at night.

It’s getting late,  so going to try to post this… if it works will add additional posts later in the week with additional photo’s.



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