Morning – As most people attend church on Sunday, I have the morning off.  Took the opportunity to wash my clothes.  There is no running water here so no washing machine.  Isaac filled a large bowl of water from the nearby well and I used this to handwash everything.  I also had some chill time to sit in the sunshine, do some reading and update my diary.  This was the calm before the storm as there was a massive thunderstorm late afternoon but luckily Isaac managed to bring my dry clothes in before they got soaked!

Afternoon – Orphanage visit.  I am getting used to this routine now.  Packed the colouring book etc again and also took a story book.  A couple of the older children read to me.  They were very good and had obviously been studying their English well.  I then read the stories to the younger ones before Ghana’s Strongest Man competition came on the TV and well, I lost that challenge, and joined them.

Another lovely end to a fabulous week.  Can’t believe it is 6 days already!



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