Nov 272010

Well ………. for the first few weeks I never thought I was gonna last the whole 3 months, but I have, it’s almost over :-(  It was rough at first, but, then it all turned around very quickly and I’ve had a BRILLIANT time.

Since I last wrote we have taken a trip up North to Lalibela (if you haven’t heard of this place, look it up, it’s amazing).  The ride up was SO long and the roads were average/bad.  The first drive was 10 hours but it was fine, it was the last 5 hours that hurt the most.  Seriously, on such bumpy roads like that, it’s about the only time in my life I was glad I had small boobs.  Even THEY hurt, mate if they had of been bigger those puppies would have been sore for WEEKS! 😀

Anyway ………… we hired a van and a driver for the whole trip which was really cheap and worth every penny as the public transport can be PAINFUL.  First we stayed in Bahir Dar for a night which has a HUGE lake, I loved Bahir Dar.  Then we did the tough bumpy road trip to Lalibela.  It was a shit trip but once we made it there it was incredible.  TOTALLY in the middle of nowhere with gorgeous scenery left right centre.  We stayed in an AMAZING hotel called Mountain View which had views to die for.  All in all we had a great time.

UNTIL!  The next day …………Us being the idiots that we are ………….. we went so nuts at the primo hotel, we were like “Oh screw it, lets just go nuts, it’s a hot hotel and we’ll never be back, lets have fun!”  So we did …………. but the next day ………… we needed petrol, and …………… we had no money left.  AND there were no atm’s within a 500km radius.  Now the drivers here seriously earn like $100 a month, if that.  WE HAD TO ASK THIS POOR DUDE FOR MONEY!  The poor guy, had like $30 on him for his food and accomm for himself for the trip.  He had to pay for our hotel.  We didn’t eat that night cause we had no money.  He didn’t eat either!  Fail!  So once we got within about 6 hours from Addis we got a transfer through Western Union to save our asses.  So funny though, we went from riches to rags within 12 hours…………. idiots.

A surprising thing on the trip was, when we pulled over to have a rest or take photos, the kids usually ask for money or food or some shit ……….. mate, these kids wanted PENS.  I was so gutted, I wish I had 1,000 but I only had 2.  They wanted to write, write write write, which was cool, but they have no pens or pencils cause they are in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, it’s Sunday now and I leave on Wednesday, so it’s all coming to an end very quickly.  We will spend the whole day with the kids tomorrow and say bye for the last time.  It’s going to be SO sad, but just one of those things I guess.  Then on Tuesday, no doubt, we’ll be hitting the restaurants and pubs/clubs for the last time too.  I can’t believe it’s over!!  Back to the real world, but it’s summer in Queenstown, which I LOVE, and I would never complain about going home to that.

I will write one last time as I return home and before I head back to work.  Fingers crossed my trip home goes smoothly, and my luggage arrives where it’s meant to.  Fingers and TOES crossed.  So I’ll write in a week, much love from me to you as always xoxoxoxo


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