Nov 082010

OK!  So, it’s almost been a month since my lazy ass has written.  I’ll do my best to fill you in on all the fun stuff.

All has been going really well here, time is going to quickly now.  Before I know it, it will be Christmas.  The kids are great, the weather is awesome, I’m eating HEAPS more of the local food (which I will miss!).  It’s really nice and although I can’t eat it as well as they can (with my hand), I still like eating it.  I actually started eating the enjera with a fork one time, I don’t think anyone had actually seen a person do this before and got some strange looks so won’t be doing that again.

So the kids are revising a lot at the moment.  Each week that goes by, they learn so much more.  We have learnt the ABC’s, my body, days of the week, colours, shapes etc.  It’s hard work some days but it’s good fun at the same time.  As time gets closer though the more sad I am going to be leaving them.  They are GORGEOUS!  And they all have such strong personalities, they are all so different.  I have heaps of photos of them which I can’t wait for you all to see.

So what’s been happening out of school …………. we have made a few trips away on weekends to see the countryside, which I love!  We did an EPIC fail one time though.  One weekend we went to Awassa on the hectic bus which was primo, Awassa was great, but we stopped in a place halfway on the bus to get a break.  Well ………… this place was SHIT!  SO hectic, when we got off the bus we got caned by all these locals pouncing on us to buy shit.  So many people surrounding us cause we were foreigners.  Then there was this CRAZY lady, bloody yelling and spitting just being crazy at us.  A nice cafe guy pulled us into his shop to save us, we sat down and all was sweet.  But this crazy lady was argueing outside with other people and then spat in this dudes FACE!  She was off her head!!.  Anyway!  We got help from some nice people back on the bus safely so we didn’t get tramped on.  We left there never wanting to go back.  To finish the story we went to Lake Ziway the weekend after that to have a wee geez.  We were cruising down the street and I stopped and was like “OMFG”, Pilar and Sam were like “What what what!”  I said “I think we have been here before, I remember that building” and just as I said that, THE CRAZY LADY WAS IN FRONT OF US!.   Well!  It was so funny, we all ran.  Just ran for our lives, cracking up at how much of a fail that was that we came away for a nice weekend to the shit hole that we never wanted to step foot in again.  Too funny.

Ummmmmmmmmm, what else.  So I am thinking of taking a few days travel north, to see some old cool stuff before I depart.  I’ll hopefully make some bookings next week as I really want to see a few more cultural things before I leave.

We went to the mother teresa home the other day.  It’s a great place, run my the sisters, with 320 HIV orphans that live there.  They are so SMALL!  So cute too, and it’s a HUGE home which is really clean and tidy, and the sisters were so nice just chatting away to us.  Such a sad place though, I left feeling slightly blown away.  Would love to go back and spend a day there helping out.

So that’s it from me really.  Haven’t been doing much else apart from eating and drinking, as per normal.  Am actually looking forward to going to the gym when I get home.  Yes, those who know me heard that right.  I feel REALLY unhealthy and fat.

Oh before I write off I’ll quickly tell you about the movie fail.  We went to this big mall to “the town” movie which was all good and fine.  More than 3 quarters way through the movie …………. the power went out, which was fine, that happens all the time.  I thought the generator would kick in ANY minute.  So a minute later the lights come on but no movie.  Then the lights went out again and the big screen came up all black with some white blotches on it, then we realised that it was the film……………. burning.  WHOOPS!  It looked like it was melting or something then it burnt completely so we came to the decision that that was the end of our movie night.  TOTAL FAIL!  THE FILM BURNING!  Especially cause we were almost finished, gutted, but funny at the same time.

OK, I hope this finds you all well and happy and healthy, much love from me to YOU!!!  xoxoxoxo


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