48 Hours to go!!

 Posted by Deena Fatania at 3:22 pm  Ethiopia
Feb 252012

woww just 48 hours to go before my flight! Its been an experience so far. Everything from booking tickets, applying for visas, taking all my vaccinations (I hate needles, HATE THEM) and knowing that I will be the only volunteer for the whole month. I did everything all by myself without my Dad’s help and at times things have been crazy but I’ve managed. I didnt even tell Mom and Dad untill 2 weeeks before my depature date. At first, they thought I was winding them up. They didnt believe me for few days but now they do!! There has been times when too many things went wrong and I thought of cancelling the whole trip but I made it this far!

I can’t believe I am actually doing this, going to the country where I’ve never been before, don’t know anyone (although when I speak to Eyob my Co-Ordinator at Mercy Home it seems like I’ve known him for years), I don’t speak the language and it will be a complate different culture. I am not sure how I will cope with everything but I can’t wait! It is going to be an adventure. I’ve never been away from home for more then 10 nights and by the fourth day, I am homesick!!  It will be interesting to see how I will get on. I will try my best not to CRY…!!!

And at last, I just want to say my last 2 days at work have been amaizing. I received great support and advice from people at RRD. I want to thank Ayesha, Mariam, Sunny K, Ranvir and Riks for doing a brillian job in fund raising. Antony, I didn’t get to say goodbye but I will see you soon. El, Will miss you and thank you for everything. Billal, Daryl, Sarju and Will thanks for all your support will keep you posted once I get there.

Seisay, Daisy, Agnes (my baby), Nicole, Jemma, Henry, Tawanda and everyone at HCC I will miss you!! I will try my best to keep in touch. I am hoping that I get a chance to use the Internet atleast once every 3 days!!

This is it from me FOR NOW!! I am gonna rest and spend time with family before I leave. I just cant wait to get on the plane!! Take care everyone… Bye (”,) xx


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