Selam from Ethiopia!!!

 Posted by Adele Scholtz at 11:17 pm  Ethiopia
Jun 082012

Now that our first week is over in Addis Ababa, i can share thoughts and feelings with you and honestly tell you that i have never had feelings like this before.  All i can state before i begin is there is a God out there looking after these people, their will to live and succeed is so incredible it is contagious and even me as an outsider fell in love with this very poor but very happy country!  On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays we teach English, Vocabulary, Mathematics, Arts & Crafts and Sport Activities to the children of the Mercy Home.  There are 15 children each one of them very special in their own way, some making great progress others a bit slower and needs alot of love and attention from us.  On the first day i spotted a young boy named, Kalid.  I just love this boy, he is a very slow learner and his mind gets distracted very quickly so i spend lots of extra time with him, he has one parent and comes from a very poor house, but he is just lovely.  I get tears in my eyes when i see him in the morning and he runs to me with open arms so that i can pick him up and give him a huge hug & kiss.  The children i have to admit are very active and energetic, so after a full day with 15 of them i am exhausted.  I spend hours at night in my bed awake…  i’m thinking how and where do i start helping getting the resources and the money together to make this world a better place for these children & their families and the poor.  A good friend of mine on the ship said to me Ädele, you can’t save everybody, but you can make a difference!” I feel so bad when i complain that i have to wash out of a bucket at night, or when i have little food to eat, or when i have to travel miles to get somewhere, and in this country people do this day in and day out.  I had very little food and struggling very badly with the altitude here, but i’m like a teabag… i get stronger when you leave me in hot water everyday!!!  On wednesdays and fridays we work at the “Hope Feeding Centre”from about 12 to 2pm.  In that 2 hours we feed 1000 people that lives on the street mostly mothers and fathers.  we take them in groups of 200 people at a time and feed them each a piece of injera (Ethiopian traditional sour dough pancake like bread made from a wheat called, tef)  and then we top the pancake with 2 soup spoons full of a bean soup.  To think this will be their only meal they get for the day, and that they are so thankful for it, they say to me ” God bless you” and thanking me very much for the meal.  Life here is tough, and for someone like me that travel the entire world year in and out i’ve become spoilt and forget how grateful i am for here small things like just a toilet that can flush or having warm water for coffee or a piece of toilet paper i notice how we take these things for granted in our everyday life, we think that it is just suppose to always be there… food, fresh water, clothes a warm bed and toilet facilities… the list goes on and on and on!!!  I’m facinated by this place, its people and its strenght.  I wish i was that strong, i know i’m strong and surely there are only a few people that can do what i’m doing in these situations, but i hope that i can encourage people to send resources and help countries like these to survive. I will end this weeks blog by saying that i’m doing well, and that i feel good, it is not easy, but home will always be there, i only give 8 weeks of my life to this and i will do my best here to help!!! Ït’s not how much you accomplish in life that really counts, but how much you give to others!  It’s not how high you build your dreams that makes a difference, but how high your faith can climb.  It’s not how many goals you can reach, but how many lives you can touch.  It’s not who you know that matters, but who you are inside.  Believe in the impossible, hold tight to the incredible, and live each day to its fullest potential… YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO YOUR WORLD!


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