May 292012

I’m very excited… but shall i say also scared for what will happen on this journey!!! I have planned this for months, from work visas to vaccinations to airplane tickets to paying the fees and  today it came to the time that i’m sitting on my bed and realized this is it… i’m going to Etihopia, may God be with me and i hope and pray that i can make a difference to these children’s lifes and help people all over the continent and the entire world realize how important it is to give and to help those who needs it so badly!!!  This will be my African journey for 2 months I’m blessed and looking forward to it… God Bless Africa!!! This is the continent that I grew up in that looked after me for many years, taught me the good things in life, put a smile on my face, now it’s time for me to give some of myself and lots of love back to this most beautiful place… AFRICA or shall i say HOME!!!


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