One month in Ethiopia!!!

 Posted by Adele Scholtz at 12:04 am  Ethiopia
Jun 292012

It’s been a wonderful and very spiritual month for me.  Every morning i wake up i thank God that i have everything that i have and i ask him to forgive me for all those times i asked for more and when he said no I could not understand.  I have been an very active reader and the 2 books that I do have to mention is “Maalika” written by Valerie Browning and Ït’s not ok with me” written by Janine Maxwell.  It is so true, I came here to change lifes and the biggest life that was changed is my own.  Shame on me for spending so much money on shopping and wining and dining with my friends while there is 30 000 children starving of hunger/malnutrition in sub Saharan Africa.  i have to admit that some nights I can’t sleep and I lay in my bed thinking what else can I do, i’m thinking of plans & new projects all things going through my mind endlessly of how I as one single person can make a difference.  I had this conversation with Eyob, our volunteer co-ordinator on Wednesday with tears in my eyes i asked him what else I can do to help more?  And God bless him for his answer Ädele you’re doing much as you can do, one step at a time!” I have to be honest Africa is and will always be in my blood, but I grew absolutely so fond of Ethiopia.  You can not explain this to anybody, you have to live it, feel it, look into the people’s eyes and see it before you will ever understand how much love and happiness there is in these people’s hearts.  People are usually scared of the idea to come to Africa, and yes, i completely understand that even for me that grew up in South Africa, coming out into this was an eye opener, sometimes a shock, sometimes i have to walk away and not show anyone especially the children, that i’m crying my heart out.  It is tough, but so rewarding… isn’t the great pleasures in life doing what people say you cannot do, and then you go do it because that makes you happy, and when you succeed you realize that your dreams are necessary to live!!! I have to thank so many individuals here that is making my everyday life in Addis amazing, i would also like to tell you about these wonderful people.  First of all Eyob, an amazing guy, a God send to these children and this country, from the 1st day you picked me up at the airport your endless love and support for me and mostly the children and people of Addis Ababa is shining through you.  I can’t thank you enough and you will always have my support where ever in the world i am.  Mattie, you were like my son from England, you were my help and assisting in every way from school to feeding soup to playing with the kids to painting to laughing to crying etc.  Thank you so much for coming to help me for a month putting your studies & friends aside and offering it all up for this wonderful country and its people.  Beza, our wonderful teacher and my best Ethiopian friend, thanks for showing us all the in’s and outs in Ethiopia without you we wouldn’t have seen it all, experienced it all and my Amharic would not be so good if it wasn’t for you my dearest friend.  Buze, i call her my Ethiopian mother, you cook me 3 delicious meals a day, you bake the best bread and make the best coffee in the world, you clean and see that all 15 children gets all their meals everyday, you are our angel, we love you mamma Buze.  Magadee & Hazim, the wonderful girls upstairs in the office, thanks for all your support and love and listening to all my suggestions, God bless you.  Then to my children, my love, my heart… I will do anything for all of you bunch… Kalid, Yabsra, Fkadu, Sintayue, Frewet, Lem Lem, Yabsra, Meseret, Big Yabsra, Abeti, Tomogosen, Hiwot, Melkamu, Hayder & Bahilu… I love you guys so much!!!  I don’t know when i will be updating my blog again, for this month I will be very busy here, this will be my last 4 weeks in Ethiopia, before i go back to my family and work.  I wanted to thank everybody for all their endless support and love to me and this people, we appreciate it so much, don’t stop helping and praying for Africa please!!! “Love and kindness are never wasted.  They always make an difference.  They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver!!!”.


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