For everybody must we wondering by now what happened to me… Sorry people i have had internet problems here for the past 10 days, but i’m doing absolutey great!  I’m becoming part of the family here now, i’m loving the way people get to know me now, where ever i go they say my name now and they shout bafana bafana… no more ferenzie (whitie).  The children has been absolutely adorable, Kalid has been sick and had to go to the hospital with an infection, i had 2 sleepless nights over this boy, i was so worried about him, at lunchtime one day i went and curled myself up behind him and hold him so tight and said that i love him so much and that he will be okay soon.  I have been called a local now at the fruit stalls and also at the embilta hotel where i love to go to gym and also come to enjoy the pleasures of a hot shower and a flushing toilet twice a week.  I’m still in town (Piazza) twice a week helping to feed 1000 street people and now i’m also sitting down in between them and enjoying my bean soup with them, eating it with the right hand, chatting my way to them trying to improve my Amharic.  Everytime i get sad or lonely or a little homesick i think of the wise words of that fantastic man Gandhi… “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever!” In the mean time i have also been enjoying my time alone in Addis, as everyone here now know me i like to walk or run everywhere, i’m very strict with my eating and i’ll rather have a little food and give the rest to someone that needs it more than me, i love my coffee, and i love to be sometimes on my own reading or doing yoga somewhere quiet.  I had the great opportunity to go with Eyob to an traditional Ethiopian dancing show, i also went with Beza (my lovely and best Ethiopian friend) to Merkato, the biggest outdoor market in Africa, i went to Buze’s house for sunday lunch and i absolutely loved the traditional foods.  I was introduced to all their shai (different teas) and loving the way i learned how to make buna (coffee) outside with sticks and using african tea pots and doing it on the fire.  I grew fond of their corn bread, lentils and chickpeas… and believe you me this is great for the diet, i feel good & lean and fit just like an Ethiopian long distance athlete.  The only thing that i do have to admit still gets to me is the 7800 ft altitude.  I struggle very badly with this, but my body slowly gets use to it, i have to admit i do push myself though and with my hard headedness nothing will get me down, not even a dizzy spell every now and then.  It started to rain about 2 days ago, it’s really not cold but it’s so wet, and wednesday when i got home i was covered in red clay from head to toe… looked like a wet cat when i got home, i had to look at myself in the mirror and laugh at myself, what else can you do… just pick yourself up, clean yourself and carry on!!!  I also had a very bad cold a week or so ago but Beza’s Kashar (hot ginger & spices tea) sorted me out in a few hours.  Everybody here has been absolutely amazing, i will leave here by the end of next month with tears in my eyes, for i’ve been treated like a princess here,  so for anybody of you wonderful people out there want to travel or want to have an real African experience I will very comfortably recommend Ä few weeks in Ethiopia” it is life changing, but REAL.  Away from all the glamour and glitz, this is the real world, this is what life is all about, never mind if you are poor, you can always be nice and caring and help everybody no matter who they are or where they come from!!!  I will end this weeks thoughts by saying this “Life’s problems wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them!!!”.  Selam from me & my people in Addis Ababa!!!


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