Jun 012012

Just to let you all know that i’m absolutely doing great, the internet is a challenge to start of with so I found a place to come to every weekend to get great internet and to update you all on what’s happening here.  I arrived safely and our director/co-ordinator of the mercy happy children home, Eyob is the greatest friendliest and most helpful person ever.  The first night i arrived, we (This is now me & Mat, he is from the UK and the other volunteer assisting us) were very tired so we unpacked and went to sleep.  Got up at 9AM the next morning and had breakfast, tea/coffee and some traditional bread.  We were introduced to the children, i love them already gave them hugs and kisses, they are just precious kids.  Eyob took us for coffee in town and showed us Addis Ababa, it somehow reminds me alot of India, so already i love the people and the place.  The people speak 82 different languages here, and there are so many different tribes and cultures it is amazing how these people live together in harmony and peace here, we in the other countries have so much to learn from these people.  They are sincere & honest and polite.  Everybody is friendly and all the children wants to shake your hand and wants a hug.  We got shown the bank, internet cafe, beauty salon (for me to get my hair washed and also braided).  We got told what to do and what not to do, Eyob was very good explaining their culture and believes, which are mostly Ortedox Christians and secondly Muslems. We drove back to the Mercy Home and had some lunch it was rice, my favourite food, and it was really tasty.  In the afternoon Mat & I decided to go walking around Asko for 2 hours to get to know their culture and people more.  I have said this before, but I would like to state this again to everybody in the world…. “Be great for what you have”!!! Don’t complain about things, there are people with nothing that survives in life!!!  We got back to the home and had some tea/carrots & potato’s for dinner.  The food taste great and we loved it because it was made with love.  We always get enough bottled water and for me this is great for i drink alot of water, because i like to run a bit everyday to keep fit and in shape.  The real challenge here is no water inside the house, you have to fetch buckets of water outside for the toilet and to shower or rinse yourself.  I try to do this at least twice a day to keep clean, it is fresh and obviously cold water.  This is no problem,  because it is dry and hot weather here now.  We watched some Etyhopian tv, and went through some of the work we will be doing with the children for our first lesson on Monday.  Our week will be School for children between ages 2-6 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On Wednesdays and Fridays we will assist with the Hope feeding centre that feeds 1000 people everyday.  This is something i’m looking forward to alot, i’m use to feeding centres that feeds 50 -100 people a day, but never fed 1000 people. Saturdays we will be coming to the Embilta hotel (Enkvlal Fabrica) for good internet and a hot shower and to wash my hair.  Sundays we will be taking our backpacks and water and go hiking around the different areas in Addis Ababa, that is a huge city.  I was told that this programme was here since 2007 and that i’m the 1st South African to come help them.  I’m very, very proud and will keep my country’s name very high here, and also i’m  (very proud to say) that I’m employed by Holland America Cruise Liner, their support and help are greatly appreciated. I will be back next week with an update of my weekly happenings.  I have to mention to all my family & loved ones & friends that i have a phone number here in Ethiopia, I have posted it for you on my facebook wall.  God bless you all, all my love from Africa!!!


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