Almost there!!!!

 Posted by Maria Cavallari at 6:45 am  Ecuador
Jun 022012

I am getting on the plane TOMORROW night to finally fly out to Quito, which is the capital city of Ecuador and where I will be staying two days for my orientation meeting before I leave for the rainforest! I have to say that it only started hitting me now that I’m actually going, not that I have everything packed up and ready to go. I first started getting excited when I bought my pair of hiking boots but in my head the idea that I was finally going to be in the Amazon (one of my long time dreams especially since I have always loved watching National Geographic and Discovery Channel) still seemed so unreal to me. The few people that I know who have had the chance to travel to Ecuador’s rainforest have told me that they absolutely loved it and that it will be a life changing experience which I have no doubt that it will be! Apart from the volunteer work that I will be doing there, I want to take every chance to explore as much as I can and go on as many tours on my days off, not only to experience the beautiful sights and culture but to also get inspiration for my creaive work. Some of my hobbies are painting, illustrating and designing accessories and clothes, so I can only imagine the ideas that will be flowing through my head as I am on this trip. Definitely bringing a sketchbook and a few pencils, and ofcourse a camera! I am really looking forward to this trip which would not have been possible without my amazing mom and the support of my wonderful dad, I am so blessed to have such a loving, supportive and adventurous parents in my life <3


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