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Monday 10th February
Week two on the reserve
Back to work today, it rained a lot during the night but now it is very hot and humid, we have been working all morning clearing undergrowth to start planting seeds for vegetables as at present most of the food on the island is shipped. This project is going to take a long time to complete, not sure why this has not been done before!
Unfortunately I was unwell after lunch so not able to work in the afternoon. In the evening though we were given our instructions for the rest of the week. We were also asked to clean up an area for the community in a nearby town on Friday morning, not quite sure what that involves yet!
Tuesday and Wednesday 11th and 12th February.
Much the same work as .last week although we did plant potatoes on Tuesday morning! Now It is really hot and very difficult to work and we are hungry all the time…..we are told not to have any food in our room as it encourages rats! I did mention that I have already had a few visits from Freddy and I don’t have any food! However …….. I can’t get enough of the yummy rice!!! but I might give it a miss for a while when I get home Though!!!!! And the dogs don’t seem too keen on rice either!!! I almost forgot to mention that I had the biggest beetle in my room last night, I’m sure it was 4 inches long!!!! Apparently they are flying beetles and when they are about to die they land on their back and if you turn them over they turn back again!! I decided to give that a miss and left it to its fate!!!
We have made more coffee today and I shall buy some to bring home as it smells so delicious!it is quite a long process and took most of the day!
Caesar the director of Jatun Sasha has arrived today, he was visiting his family in Ecuador last week,he lives here most of the year, he is a man of many talents, he makes musical instruments as well as playing them and carves beautiful animals out of bamboo!! He loves Ecuador and promotes it as much as he can! he says all the best coffee comes from here! Last night was nice, after supper he and one of the Ecuadorian volunteers played guitar and sang they were very good. Some of the other volunteers then went off to the bar which is in fact someone’s house in the next farm, you phone first to ask them to open it (it is a wooden shack) and then you can play pool drink some beer and have a boogie to some disco music!
Alcohol is not allowed here due to the fact that we work with machetes! However one of the volunteers took a drink from what he thought was his water bottle and found it was in fact vodka, no idea who it belonged to.
Thursday 13th February
Nearly half way through my stay,it has been an experience and I’m glad that I came but I don’t think I would do this again! We have been to the volcano today to cut areas of morro and undergrowth as the birds will be coming soon to lay their nests and they do it on the ground so we are helping to make it ready for them…… Their are lots of plastic tubes everywhere about the size of a drain pipe which the workers at the National Park put rat poison in as the rats go after the eggs as soon as they are laid! One of the German volunteers called Sebstian showed me how to use my machete properly, I asked where he had done this before and he replied that he had just seen it in the movies!!!! He looked just like Arnold swartnager!! Wrong spelling I know!
My turn to help in the kitchen for supper, everyone eats at six and it is usually rice and fish with lettuce ! Or potatoe and fish or chicken nuggets, the chicken is often the underpart! So I helped.  I managed make my self understood in my limited Spanish to ask permission to make some shortbread, oh heaven, I was really popular with the other volunteers!!!

Friday 14th February

Today we went to an area on the outskirts of town to help clear a piece of land that was very overgrown with morro and bushes that apparently the mosquitoes liked. We were told that last year there was an outbreak of Dengi Fever caused by these mosquitoes, we were all a bit alarmed as we were only told about the Dengi Fever after we started the work, however!!! none of us were bitten as it was mid morning!!! and they usually bite early morning and early evening, perhaps we should have been told about this before!
In the afternoon we finished our work and went into town, lovely sunshine beautiful beach and lovely bed, we share four to a room which is ok as it is cheaper that way and we all get on. There is a carnival this weekend and there has been lots of salsa music and dancing oooh la la…..


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