I’m here in Quito

 Posted by Lizzy Bamber at 1:45 pm  Ecuador
Jan 302014

The plane journey was long but ok, it was a bit strange to arrive in beautiful sunshine when at home it is midnight!! the family I am staying with are lovely, very kind and friendly, there are four other students also who have been here for a while , one who has broken both her arms while working on the Galapagos and had to be flown over to Quito!she said that this has not happened before and told me about the work she had been doing on the coffee plantation. She is going home tomorrow.  This morning I went for a walk with one of the students into the town, I have never been any where like this before, Im not sure how to describe it….. most of the people are friendly, they are very poor, one family I saw were going through rubbish bags outside someone’s house the children as well,a lot of stray dogs and buildings that are empty and some that are lived in but look as though they might fall down anytime!  I will write again..there is a lot to take in.


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