Jan 312014

Tomorrow I go to the Galapagos to work but today has been wonderful, a friend of the family I am staying with offered to take myself and another volunteer on a tour to the Andes! We drove for about an hour through Quito and other towns until we drove into beautiful countryside and then up into the Andes!! George our guide stopped at a friends house who has a farm in the mountain and she offered to take us off road in her 4×4 to the very top of the mountain..!!! It was so exciting and a bit scary  at the same time as we climbed so high and there was very little road when we finally got there we stood on the Equator! Longitude  0. Latitude. 0…… I’m so tired now I can write no more up at 4am tomorrow for my flight to the Galapagos! Not sue when I will write again as there is no reception , but will try to get a SIM card ! What a very exciting day it has been.  Ps. I have photos and will put them on shortly. I forgot to mention the lovely lady who took us up the mountain was called Eva Peron!!!


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