I’ve arrived!

 Posted by Gabrielle Appiah at 3:31 am  Ecuador
Jun 292014

So I’m here in Quito and it’s BYOOTIFUL!

On the way to Heathrow airport we drove past nearly every great tourist attraction in London (missing the ArcelorMittal Orbit – the best of them all) and staring out of the window looking at it all as if I was in a movie made me realise that I’d seen it all before and I was ready for some new scenery. I must say, the views here of towns on hill sides, etc. is definitely a new and FAB thing to see.

The flight was great and plane food isn’t as bad as people say. In my true procrastinating spirit, I watched ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ instead of reading my Spanish book (which showed when I arrived at the gate for my flight to Ecuador and couldn’t understand much). When I arrived in Miami, I didn’t anticipate its size and ended up spening my 3 hour stopover getting to my gate, but I did get to ride in a buggy for part of the way so I’m not complaining.

Whenever someone gets to an airport in a movie there’s someone waiting with their name and I was very excited for my turn. After getting through customs, there was Geovanna (my lovely volunteer coordinator) with my name on a whiteboard. Again, I underestimated distances and we drove for hours to get to the Community Hostel that I’m staying at. I’m here now and the food is delish and the room and people are lovely. I already managed to get myself locked in the bathroom which required a full toolbox but everyone here is so friendly and helpful. I had a late night chat with a few others staying in the hostel in my linen sleeping bag  (thanks a bunch!) which they found very amusing and now I have a well planned itinerary of amazing things – the one I’m most looking forward to at the minute is the zip line in Banos.

Today I’ll be doing the cable cars and a hike with my hostel mates which should be awesome and it’s also pasta night! I’ll keep you all updated! :)

~ G



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