Week 3

 Posted by Jacquelyn at 2:10 pm  Costa Rica
Aug 142015

Wow! I can’t believe it is already the end of week three in Costa Rica.  Everything has flown by so fast, just last week I was ready to go home because I missed my family so much and now I am ready to stay an extra week.  These pass two weeks have been filled with busy work and great experiences with my project at Dulce Nombre.  To summarize last week, I was able to teach my first lesson as a “Teacher”.   My class learned about the different country flags and their corresponding capitals as well as the 7 continents.  I tried to make the learning fun since the majority of what I was saying they couldn’t understand, but because its an English class I was instructed to teach in English.  The kids seemed to find our games and worksheets quite fun, so that was rewarding for me.  When I was not teaching about the countries and their capitals, I was practicing with my Spelling Bee students for todays event (14-08-15).  Man those kids are so amazing!  They are absolutely dominating these words without even knowing all the rules of English. I applaud their work, and I cannot wait to see them perform today at this Spelling Bee.

Now these pass two weeks have not been all gumdrops and rainbows, I have definitely had some challenging students.  Two in particular I personally wanted to give a little talking to, but the way my Spanish is set up I couldn’t really do that hahaha.  First, there was a  boy who probably would be labeled with ODD or some other emotional disturbances if we were in the US, but since we are not he is just considered difficult.  On my first day teaching he answered one of my questions wrong, and I politely said he was incorrect (with a smile because that’s what they teach us in ESL).  After that some of the kids started to laugh at him and he proceeded to say something rude in Spanish, of course I didn’t understand everything but body language and tone communicates a lot. Once he was done with his outburst, he no longer wanted to participate with the class.  I wanted to make him feel welcomed to reenter the class discussion so I tried to ask him questions that I knew he would know, and even tried to speak a little Spanish in hopes to increase his comfortability.  At the end of the week, he seemed to warm up to me which made me happy.  Next was a young girl, she was just blatantly disrespectful!  We were doing another class activity and she had her phone out, so I politely asked her to put her phone away (I looked that up in Spanish before I started teaching).  She did, but then right when I turned around she brought it back out.  I asked her again but this time she didn’t put it away.  I really don’t like when people are disrespectful because I feel like everyone deserves respect especially people who are older than you, so of course her behavior got under my skin.  Needless to say, I gave her a Claire Huxstable look and she understood that.

Besides those two encounters, everything else was great and I had some pretty funny interactions with my kids!  I am so ready for this spelling bee, and I can’t wait to see how well my kids perform.


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