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 Posted by Jacquelyn at 10:42 am  Costa Rica
Sep 012015

Hello All!

I know I kind of left you all hanging after the spelling bee prep.  Things just got so busy with preparing to come home and wrapping up with the kids and presenting my overview of the agency, but I did not forget about you.  So to fill you in on what happened at the spelling bee, we had both cycle one and cycle two competing in the spelling bee.  If you don’t remember, cycle one is first through third grad and cycle two is fourth through sixth grade.

The English festival had many parts, first we started with a poem in English then we had two dance performances; one by second grade students and the other was an outside vendor.  After those exciting performances we started with the impromptu speeches then the spelling bee.  Our first graders were so nervous for the impromptu speeches that one ran off stage; I thought that was only in the movies (Akeelah and the Bee).  Our second cycle students did very well, still nervous but no running off stage hahaha.  I was so amazed at my students!  They memorized the speeches we practiced AND even remembered the correction as to make the sentences flow.  After about 10 min of intense speeches we finally had one winner from each cycle. Next we finally started with the spelling bee.  Oh man my little nuggets (the students) were so nervous they were shaking in their uniforms.  When we started the competition each on would come up to the podium and whisper “teacher I’m so nervous” in Spanish of course.  At first the audience was a little nervous but as we continued with the numerous rounds it became increasingly silent.  Every time a hard word was spelled correctly the crowd would let out a huge sigh of relief.  Finally, the first cycle students had a winner Andres!  He was so excited and so was I, I wanted to jump up and hug him but we still had to finish with the second cycle students.  The second cycle wasn’t as easy because we had a fluent English speaker and another girl who studied day and night.  We went back and forth for almost 45min only to get stopped in our tracks by the word “piece”.  As many of us know piece and peace are homophones and unfortunately, despite a definition and an example, my bilingual student crumbled.  The winner was a fifth grade girl who accepted her title gracefully.  Upon her win she was invited to compete in the district spelling bee the following week.  At the end of the competition we presented awards to all of the participants and took lots of pictures.  The celebratory song was 50 cent “party like its your birthday” believe it or not hahaha; the kids were super hype and the song definitely gave them reason.


Once again sorry for the delay



The English festival sign

My student and I


Some of the spelling bee participants

The cutest second graders EVER!!


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