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 Posted by Jacquelyn at 1:28 pm  Costa Rica
Jul 262015

Oh My Gosh!  I have finally arrived in Costa Rica, and although there was a small bump in the road this morning I am so glad to be here.  Both of my flights went smoothly, no turbulence or lost baggage so I am very happy.  As many of you may know, this is my first international flying experience and because of that I did not know what to expect.  My first flight went as expected seeing as though we were still within the US, but my second flight took me by surprise.  Now it may not be a big deal to others, but when I boarded my second plane I was surprised to hear all of the instructions in Spanish first.  I knew that I was flying to a Spanish speaking country, but it didn’t occur to me that there would be Spanish flight attendants.  So as I waited for the plane to finish boarding I struggled to understand the instructions being given through the intercom.  All four years of Spanish seemed to fly right out the plane door as the flight attendant began informing the passengers about the details of our flight.  Fortunately, a couple minutes later someone repeated the same instructions in English but that situation reminded me of my language privilege.  Thankfully, four hours later I landed in San Jose Costa Rica.  I stood in the immigration line which wasn’t as bad as I expected and then I went straight through to customs (aduanas in Spanish).  I was then greeted by the sweetest man, he was holding a yellow smiley face flag (that’s what they told me to look for) and a yellow Panamanian bag.  He asked for my name and then proceeded to ask me if I spoke Spanish hahaha yeah right!  We spoke until the car came to pick us up then I checked in with GVN and was taken to meet my host family.  My host mom is a very nice woman, she has a younger daughter and a three legged dog (Hachi).  She is housing another volunteer which I have yet to meet, but she speaks very highly of him.  After settling in we proceeded to meet the rest of her family who live like right around the corner literally.  They all started speaking Spanish to me, but then my host mom stopped them to explain that I only know a little Spanish.  They all were very welcoming and tried to speak slower in order for me to understand them a bit better.  Hopefully when we start our Spanish classes I will get more comfortable speaking Spanish and be able to understand more.  On the other hand, my room if great!  It is very comfortable and has more than enough room for my clothes, overall the house seems very welcoming.  I know this is a pretty general day, but its my first day ever in another country so I had to get all the details.  Oh something else very random that I noticed here is that people don’t really say Hola, they just say Buenas and they don’t say adios they say hasta luego or caio.  I guess they left that out of the Spanish book haha


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