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 Posted by Jacquelyn at 2:22 pm  Costa Rica
Aug 052015

This past weekend a fellow Maximo volunteer  (Jess) and I rode the bus to La Fortuna which is the home to Arenal volcano.  This bus ride took a total of 4 hours which is very similar to traveling from Baltimore to NY, which isn’t unfamiliar to me.  The bus ride went pretty smoothly, and I occasionally found myself forgetting that I was in Costa Rica because things were so similar to Los Angeles.  For example, the markets that we passed through look just like downtown LA, and the bus driver was even playing American Pop music.  Obviously the main difference is the language.

On our ride over to La Fortuna the bus driver put on Cinderella 2.  Now for those of you who know me know that I love the vast majority of Disney movies.  As a child, and even now, I watch any and all Disney movies for calming and extracurricular purposes.  So you wouldn’t believe my surprise when the entire Cinderella 2 movie was in Spanish.  I know that I should not expect English, especially being in a Latin country, but I was just so taken aback.  But instead of tuning out of the movie, I decided to put my Spanish classes to the test and see if I could understand the movie.  Also, that was the only other entertainment I had on this 4 hour bus ride.  Ultimately I understood the general theme of the movie by using a combination of body language and my new vocabulary list.  Finally we arrived to La Fortuna and all I can say is that I fell in love with it at first sight.  I saw the volcano in the distance and couldn’t wait to climb it but then I was told it was a four hour hike so yeah hahaha.  The view was so beautiful from our hostel it seemed unreal, and we got to experience this for a $3.55 bus ride not including our hostel of course.  Once we settled into our hostel we quickly made plans for Saturday.  We found a tour agency that included 9 zip lining cables, 1 waterfall rappel, a short hike, n introduction to the Maleiku indigenous tribe, and a horse ride all for $45.  I was so excited!  Upon our second return back to the hostel we met some travelers from Mexico, these girls invited us to accompany them to a free hot spring just 15 minutes away.  Even though we recently met the girls we decided to just wing it, and yes I was very nervous because they could easily drop us by the river and leave but I prayed and hoped for the best.  The hot spring turned out to be an awesome experience, after a long day on the bus the hot spring was exactly what my body needed.  At the hot spring we were able to try some exfoliating mud which was suppose to help us connect with nature blah blah blah lol I just wanted to exfoliate ;).  Once we rinsed the mud off, we headed home to get some well needed sleep for our early 730a Arenal tour.  The following morning we ate breakfast and headed down to the tour site, and they drove us up to the mountains where the tour would be held.  There we received our instructions and waivers of course, then began strapping up for our first zip line.  The first one was super exciting, I felt like a real adventurer, then we got to the eighth….Now cable eight was a little scary for me because the instructor wanted me to hang upside down.  I watched my friend go first so I could get up the nerve, but when my turn came I was still scared.  I did not want to be labeled as the chicken in the group so I went ahead a did it, especially because this is apart of me trying to get out of my comfort zone.  The upside down zip was actually very fun, except for the little gnat that was in my mouth afterwards hahahah ewwwwww (definitely brushed when I got home)!  To make the rest of this story short, I had a tremendous time trying these new adventures at Arenal especially the zipping and horseback riding.  The waterfall rappel was torture I was literally shaking all the way down smh and our mini hike lol well it was definitely short because I slipped on some mud in the forest and called it quits.  I hate being dirty and I especially hate bugs, but I was trying something new so hey pura vida!

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Getting stuck on the zip cable

Zip lining on cable one I think…

Cable 8

El caballo and Arenal volcano behind me

and had to pull myself in

Waterfall Rappelling. Scariest thing ever!


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